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Epic battle Von Fisher Saga

By neisbeis
This is part of my future book. I have more stuff with really fun designs and scenes. Hope you like it :)
Cpyright Ignacio Bazán lazcano 2013 Von Fisher SAGA
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© 2013 - 2021 neisbeis
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can i use this for my youtube video ,will give credits

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it's somehow reminds me of WH40K
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No clue what Your book is about, but if it is half as epic as this piece of art I`m definitely going to read it.
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Whatever this book is I want two.
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When you write this, I will read the shite out of it.
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This is amazing work! Truly top notch! Wee done!
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woo,que  bueno que está esto !
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Reminds me of the game Iron Grip, very awesome! :)
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I LOVE's so scifi, yet creepy, yet awesome
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Ermahgerd, se were!
This looks great. Please let us know when its available.
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Hahahah. Before scrolling down enough to see the title I thought "Holy crap that's EPIC".
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This is amazing! I love it
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Woa!! incredible - amazing detail..Featured here… Thank you and congrats on this excellent work :)
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thanks for your support :)

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muchas gracias!
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Wow this is amazing!!!!
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thank you so much!
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