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July 18, 2012
Black Sun by *neisbeis has a composition and lighting that really help set the stage for this powerful yet dark atmosphere.
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Black Sun

Hey this year comes very busy. I don´t have time to work in personal stuff. This is a possible cover for a book. I hope you like it.
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Myrethy's avatar
I would buy this book based on cover alone so fast you have no idea :heart:
Rob-Satanta-K's avatar
Great concept and composition
conceptgeorge's avatar
Very good man! awesome composition
Pscientifik's avatar
oh this will work for a cover. FAVE
Rango75's avatar
If you need a writer let me know! Awesome work!
csumityadav's avatar
Love the Feel of this art ambience ..!!
SerinFel's avatar
This looks deceptively simple, at first. But on closer inspection, there's a lot going on in the background: things blowing through the air/falling off the crumbling buildings caused by the flying machines' engine thrust, walker-mechs on the ground, and she's has little puddles of dirty water all around her with reflections and awesome lighting effects. Also, I love the perspective. It's not so much forced, but I get a good sense of distance from the woman to all the stuff behind her. Very cool work. Again, epic. ;^]
Khimaros's avatar
You're so talented I just threw up a little :O
d3athb3rrymon's avatar
that´s awesome! love your edges and how all those debris flying around! awesome composition as well! the blue in the center really smoothes things :D
Yeah, cool stuff! I love the composition and colors.
Glinnzar's avatar
Amazing Work!! :)
Ziggyman's avatar
I only could say: AWESOME!!
artofJEPROX's avatar
Really awesome, great job.
BlackJack187139's avatar
Mio dio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How amazing!!!!!!!!!!! The detail!!! I thought this was actually happening!!! Oh and how magnificent the shading is!!!! It's litterally as if you could be living this right now!!!!!!!!! If this would have a rating it would be off the charts!!!!!!!!!! This is spectactular!!!!!!!!!!!
gemma-burgess's avatar
For some reason, it's the background, not the character, that draws my eyes... but it is all fantastic work! XD
Palautus's avatar
Too bad it wasn't larger, good picture nonetheless.
artweak's avatar
Megusta muchisimo esta pintura. Eres un gran artista. Sigues haciendo un buen trabajo y gracias por la inspiracion ya que ahora estoy trabanjo en mi segundo arte ;)
Hedgey's avatar
amazing colours and pose!
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