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Alien X

By neisbeis
More free time! Always I work doing backgrounds and envieronments concepts, this time I tried to do something different for breaking the monotony.
Ihope you like it.
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you want have this alive ?
We need Mercenary's for Unreal1 Remake.
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Something different works well for you. More coming?
Ripins's avatar
Amazing.. O_o
Yondercat's avatar
woah, totally cool!
Resuta's avatar
it looks like a photomanip rather than a Digital painting! in short it looks like very REAL!!!!
Mitia-Arcturus's avatar
what such a terrific alien...!!!
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That's one cool looking alien. The light and texture are so good, he feels cold and slimey to touch.
I agree with the comments below, a tutorial would be nice. Just curious, what's the image size you work on?
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EPIC AWSOMENSS!! please do tutorial! thanks
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Wow Awesome love it remines me of the movie enemy mine. I think this would look cool as xp logon screen. Would you give me permission to use? I could send you screen shot for your approval. :iconorionshope:
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He looks so much better and real compared to star trek, and some movie aliens. Awesome work =D
That is AWESOME.
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Love the details.
Keep up the good work ;)
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Excellent textures first off and great use of the pointed chin nad nose with those tight yet small eyes. Great features on his face.
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omg un alien-esparrago!!!!
Spark-of-Change's avatar
this made mereally want to write a good sci-fi book. unfourtunatly i have nowhere to begin, nor any idea how to begin.
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Me encanto, muy buena la textura
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Look like he's saying "I Am Baul..."
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Cool concept, I like the details.
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