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A City Besieged

A Game of Thrones card game :)
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This reminds me of some of the concept art the ancient Native American cities like Cahokia.
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really cool scale.
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You are a beast at these mate!!!
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such beauty of imagination of the scenery
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wow, this is awesome
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so where is this supposed to be carth ?
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It's obviously Mereen. If you've only read three of the books, don't bother commenting on what you 'know'.

Awesome painting man! *faved*
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Awesome perspective man!
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This has to be Meeren
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I read the first 3 and don't remember pyramids.

which city?
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I'm pretty sure it's Mereen. Daenerys arrives there in "A storm of swords".

You should read the other books too \, if you have the chance!
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I don´t have any idea :)
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This is brilliant!

But I have to agree with Imperius Rex, this doesn't fit the setting really...
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It fits lol, dont talk nonsense ....
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I really don't know much about Game of Thrones, but this does look a bit like a cross between Ancient Rome and Tenochtitlan. :)
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What city is this?
The pyramid is from the ancient empire of Ghis
I forget, but this is Yunkai I think.
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