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[DL]Daring Do Overhaul Version 1.4 [Dash Update]



Another day, another dungeon update.

Added a set of Rainbow Dash skins to daringdohaton.mdl

The update is in the download link below, and feel free to let me know if there are any problems and if I can improve on anything.
Works in both Garry's Mod and Source Filmmaker.


Rainbow Dash Overhaul model - Poninnahka / KP-ShadowSquirrel
Rainbow Dash Overhaul texture - Poninnahka
Show Accurate Eyes Mod - Chiramii-chan
V3 Shading Mod - Yukitoshii
Daring Do cutie mark - Kna (Source: )
Daring Do texture - Nein-Skill
Daring Do hat model/texture - Nein-Skill
Daring Do hat reference image - peleuva (Source: )
Daring Do vest model - Poninnahka/Nein-Skill
Daring Do vest texture - Nein-Skill
Daring Do vest reference image - GameMasterLuna (Source: )


 -1 set of Daring Do skins
 -bodygroupable vest

 -1 set of Daring Do skins
 -1 set of Rainbow Dash skins
 -bodygroupable vest and hat
 -custom mane with edited jigglebones that don't clip through the hat

props_pony/daringhat and props_pony/daringvest
 -bonemergable props


 Poninahka's Overhaul Rainbow Dash
   Note: "Mane6" or "Props, characters, and SFM scripts" packs work


Download [For SFM/GMOD]:

If you want to edit the vest or hat, the source files are here [For Developers]:


 Q: I have missing textures/pink checkerboard pattern on Daring Do's eyelashes, tongue, and teeth!
 A: You need to install Overhaul Rainbow Dash from this link. (Mane6 pack works fine.)

Legal Stuff:
Daring Do and Rainbow Dash are copyrighted characters belonging to Hasbro.
Hasbro does not endorse or sponsor this work.
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I've tried putting the SFM ones into the, well, SFM usermod, but for some reason there are missing textures on the model. HELP!