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[DL]Daring Do Overhaul Version 1.4 [Dash Update]

Another day, another dungeon update.

Added a set of Rainbow Dash skins to daringdohaton.mdl

The update is in the download link below, and feel free to let me know if there are any problems and if I can improve on anything.
Works in both Garry's Mod and Source Filmmaker.


Rainbow Dash Overhaul model - Poninnahka / KP-ShadowSquirrel
Rainbow Dash Overhaul texture - Poninnahka
Show Accurate Eyes Mod - Chiramii-chan
V3 Shading Mod - Yukitoshii
Daring Do cutie mark - Kna (Source: )
Daring Do texture - Nein-Skill
Daring Do hat model/texture - Nein-Skill
Daring Do hat reference image - peleuva (Source: )
Daring Do vest model - Poninnahka/Nein-Skill
Daring Do vest texture - Nein-Skill
Daring Do vest reference image - GameMasterLuna (Source: )


 -1 set of Daring Do skins
 -bodygroupable vest

 -1 set of Daring Do skins
 -1 set of Rainbow Dash skins
 -bodygroupable vest and hat
 -custom mane with edited jigglebones that don't clip through the hat

props_pony/daringhat and props_pony/daringvest
 -bonemergable props


 Poninahka's Overhaul Rainbow Dash
   Note: "Mane6" or "Props, characters, and SFM scripts" packs work


Download [For SFM/GMOD]:

If you want to edit the vest or hat, the source files are here [For Developers]:


 Q: I have missing textures/pink checkerboard pattern on Daring Do's eyelashes, tongue, and teeth!
 A: You need to install Overhaul Rainbow Dash from this link. (Mane6 pack works fine.)

Legal Stuff:
Daring Do and Rainbow Dash are copyrighted characters belonging to Hasbro.
Hasbro does not endorse or sponsor this work.
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I've tried putting the SFM ones into the, well, SFM usermod, but for some reason there are missing textures on the model. HELP!
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Hey, sorry for the delay, where are the missing textures on the model?

If they are the eyelashes, tongue, and/or teeth, you need to install a pack from this link:…

In the description is a downloads section, download either the “Mane6” pack (if you want to save space on your hard drive) or the “Props, characters, and SFM scripts” pack.

My Daring Do model depends on users having Overhaul Rainbow Dash installed, and I just realized I didn’t mention this in the description, sorry about that.
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do you need all four of the downloads for it to work
Nein-Skill's avatar
No, you only need "" if you want Daring Do.
The other downloads are just extra characters/props I made.
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Can you do me as a pony? im female and alicorn :3
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Sorry, I can't take any requests right now because I'm quite busy trying to finish some models. :(

However, here is a list of people who take requests:…
Note: Some are free and others are paid commissions; you need to check their profiles to see if they take free requests.
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Teh-Rehd-Shnoipeh's avatar
I downloaded the "" one and the ragdoll didn't appear on my Spawnlists, what happened?
Nein-Skill's avatar
Alrighty, did you install it the right way?
You gotta put the "models" and "materials" folders that are in the zip in this folder:

If you installed it right, go to the prop spawning screen and look at bottom-left corner and open Browse->Games and click Garry's Mod.
A bunch of models should appear in the center and the Daring Do models should be in there.
The hat and vest models are in Garry's Mod -> props_pony folder

Hope this helps.
Teh-Rehd-Shnoipeh's avatar
Oh, thanks.
Also, if the model and material files of other mods can overwrite this mod and they can still be usable, right?
And how do you fix missing textures?
Nein-Skill's avatar
Yeah, I'd think they can still be usable.

And for missing textures, you'll need Poninnahka's Pony Overhaul models since the tongue, eyelashes, and some other materials depend on that.
However, if you're missing Daring Do's body, hat, or vest textures that means you probably didn't install the materials folder right. Or you're using Linux.
Linux has some weird bug where it can't find materials.
Teh-Rehd-Shnoipeh's avatar
I use a Mac, and is about to get a Windows one due to Utility errors when I play TF2.
Also, thanks!
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has anyone made a daring do model of the book yet?
Nein-Skill's avatar
A model of the Daring Do book? Can't say that I've seen any...
FreeMau's avatar
then there needs to be one anyone with the skill to make models should really get on that XD
FreeMau's avatar
dude you're awesome
regularshowandsonic's avatar
I can see it's obvious how they both look similar to each other LOL X3
HerpDerpington11's avatar
how do you download from google drive?
Nein-Skill's avatar
Click the file you want to download, then at the bottom right corner there should be two buttons: "Open" and a down arrow, click the arrow.
MiketheElephantBrony's avatar
I can't download the new model from
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