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December 3, 2020
Playful by neimykanani
Featured by lovelessdevotions
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I took most of my time drawing those flowers...
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This is why you don’t play with the WORMS

manati20's avatar

lindo dibujo.

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Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic. Nothing's perfect, the world's not perfect. But it's there for us, trying the best it can; that's what makes it so damn beautiful.
shinragod's avatar

Lookit all the sparrows playing with her hair xD she’s not sure how to feel right now

I know someone who would be absolutely charmed right now if sparrows played with her hair x3

Verona7881's avatar

Sparrows sparrows everywhere! This deserve a Emerald!

Harael92's avatar

Fantastic! I love the colors!!

fyni05's avatar
Wow, I love how good the hair is rendered. Great job!
redpyrocat's avatar

The time and effort you put into the flowers was worth it. This is really lovely to look at. :clap:

oufai's avatar

I love your drawing ! special this roses looks like a real roses ! :D

and the doll is looks so beautiful ! :)

GinkgoForestSpirit's avatar

" Have you ever been able to progress into the dark rosy forest with someone behind you, breathing over the back of your neck? " Asked the sparrows - " Only if it was death!" - replied the red-haired girl gripping the babydoll tight into the tar of the night...

"Well, you'd better steady your heart cause here it comes !" - spoke the Sparrow-Clan Chief as the razor cutting, limb - weakening, gut-tightening, upward blood thrusting Fear was insinuating itself, as it always did, from the mist of thin-cells of nowhere and everywhere, appearing to smooth the path just before death cast its claw scraping the little girl's back, dotting every vertebra that softly punctured her skin from within.

KokichiOumaAndPanta's avatar

In the “caption this” I made a story that I wish to countinue but I didn’t make the drawing so I won’t until i get permission to finish the story.

Korwynze's avatar

This artwork feels like "Dissociation" to be honest

This being an entry for the captioning contest as well ^w^

SakuraBipolar's avatar

I love ur art style \(^.^)/

LivingIsTheDream's avatar
JAFNOVA's avatar

"Play with me, Annabelle."

OldHeadEd's avatar

A hair-raising ordeal!

Lozanou's avatar

Awesome work! I love it!

JayR1994's avatar

:D Good thing it isn't Annabelle

Very lovely.

Rami120's avatar
Despite the scary eyes, it's a lovely portrait!❤️
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I love this💓 beautiful art
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