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Operation: Titanus

By Neilsama
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Alpha Trion said there'd be days like this.

I am declaring this particular fan comic page and the made-up character Titanus as public domain. That means that you can copy it off my page and put it on your own, and I will not and cannot stop you. I truly dislike watermarks, so I'm trusting the fans to distribute this without removing the name and URL, even though doing so is insanely easy. I can't stop you if you do, but you guys are cool, right? You wouldn't do that.

I figure that people like Transformers, so I might as well use it as a vehicle to tote my URL around the internet.
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I don't think Huffer would make a good chest...

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Transform and merge to become

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I'm just here bieng totaly immature thinking about seperating the frist three letters and the last four.
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That's quite alright.  You're in good company here.
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So THAT'S HOW THE BEAST WITHIN STARTED! Too bad they didn't kill Bumblebee.
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Oh so that explains.....The Abomination 
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Haha!  Yeah, I guess it does.
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This is so funny and cool, happy halloween!:D (Big Grin) 
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:rofl: This is brilliant XD
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LOL gestalt team with the minis
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Ha, nice to see an actual scale joke about the out-of-scaled madness that was G1. This is really clever, great job. 

...And should you ever draw a Dinobot combiner it will surely be better than the one we got for the Metrodome pack-ins... The Beast. Ugh.
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That's actually not such a bad idea! I like that!
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I so want an official toy of Titanus.....
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Someone told me they were gong to make one.  I was really flattered, but it's never surfaced.
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:3 You're welcome!
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LOL, that's awesome
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I really want to see the dinobots combiner now haha
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*falls off chair, rolls on floor laughing* hahahaha oh man, this is gold. you are brilliant!!! :D
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