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October 26, 2006
A stunning interior that shows just how fine a fictional space can be. Living Room by ~neilgrocock
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Living Room

Created in 3d max and rendered in vray. A bit of post processing in photoshop.
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ostoja's avatar
excellent work...nice [link]
SpicyShroom's avatar
OMG this looks so beautiful!!
sdil's avatar
not too realistic but is it cool.
Calcaneus's avatar
Lovely. Nice work!
Wow. Amazingly real looking
Damn, that is great work !
Exploding-Seagulls's avatar
WHAT. You mean...
It's not real?
Wow, I worship you. ;D
deathxdoor's avatar
cool, can't wait until environments like these start showing up in video games.
petersen1973's avatar
Looks awesome! The Lotus poster is a bit tacky, though. You should choose a piece of abstract art to match, or maybe a triptych.

Fantastic realism!
beeurd's avatar
There is something about the windows that bothers me... I can't quite figure out what it is though. :hmm:
GKskillz's avatar
Amazing picture...I wish I could make work like thing though, no wires? TV, speakers, DVD player all need power, also I've never seen a phone on a coffee table looks a little out of place...other than that, great work.
kuroineko's avatar
O_O Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. That is all I can say. I hope I can achieve something like this someday!
ochagirl's avatar
When can I move in? :D
mljohnston's avatar
Beautiful, mate. Just beautiful.

P.S. Go Lotus. ^_^
Waymaster's avatar
total nice picture, great work !

Seeing is believing
My Gallery
fallingoutofreach's avatar
You mean, that's not real? o.O Nice work.
Wade7's avatar the roomy living room...good choice of colors and room concept...but i´m in the same opinion about that racing car...

...good work keep up!
Nice, I like the render, but the picture of the car just bothers me. The rest of the room looks classy, and then you've got this picture of a race car, it just doesn't fit.
The only reason for the racing car is 'cos its a render in itself, you are right it doesn't fit very well
backwrdsman's avatar
lostspyder's avatar
garfield89's avatar
woo good job :D it makes impresion
aristarchus's avatar
very nice rendering.

when you design an interior, where do you start? do you begin with an empty room, then fill it with furniture and decide on the color/ambiance?
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