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Paragon Ketch Pg 9



Posting it a day early! :onfire:

More info about this new project, Paragon Ketch can be found in this journal [link] and in the pages I'll be posting every week on DA for awhile.

I'm posting these to get peoples feedback, that means your opinions! Be vocal, don't like it, tell me why! If you like it tell me why too. XD

I'm planning on submitting this to a company, but I am aware of the current "State of the Industry" and what have you so PK may wind up becoming some sort of webcomic.

I am also working on some other collaborative projects at the same time, so I can't guarantee a new page on PK everyweek, but I sure as h3ll will try to get one up. (First run on DA may just be pgs 9-18). Also my Birthday is next Monday so I might wind up posting pg2 page later than this one.

Till Later,

Edit: Tweeked a few things on the page.

:bulletred: Page 9
:bulletgreen: Page 10 [link]
:bulletgreen: Page 11 [link]
:bulletgreen: Page 12 [link]
:bulletgreen: Page 13 [link]
:bulletgreen: Page 14 [link]
:bulletgreen: Page 15 [link]
:bulletgreen: Page 16 [link]
:bulletgreen: Page 17 [link]
:bulletgreen: Page 18 [link]
:bulletgreen: Page 19 [link]
:bulletgreen: Page 20 [link]
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Well, weightlines in the last panel's filling background are not ideal; but overall it's a good start.
The character seems solid and well drawn in the intro. ^^
Details are frequently more and less on the same level in each panel, which is good.