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silent hill

ok... this stuff has never been seen... with good reason looking back on it ;)

i brief starting of com.x

just before we started com.x, the two guys i ended up starting it with owned a design company who did work for konami. i applied for a job as a designer wanting to move away from comics (i was at 2000ad at the time)

i didnt get the job but about 3 weeks later i was told they would employ me for 6 months as they'd secured the rights to do a silent hill full color graphic novel.

i had six months to do a 70 page full color OGN... which i jumped at the chance.

it never saw the light of day... even though i finished the whole thing.

at the end of the six months we decided to start com.x

anyway about the graphic novel... i was a little too ambitious, i'd never colored anything at that point... actually at that point i didn't even know how to send e mails which shows how mac illiterate i was... and i also wanted to try a new approach... some of it worked, some of it failed miserably

the plan was to draw and color all panels separately, then layout the spreads like a designer would lay out assets.... this approach would work really well if i'd planned a little more in the beginning... but i just started drawing panels one after the other only to have real troubles fitting them on their pages later... if i'd planned it like i now do a comic and approached it in the same way i really think i could have done some amazing work... so its a technique i will use again at a later date... i just think in these early days i did the typical thing of getting carried away with photoshop as its all so exciting... rookie mistake... and its made this a mess :)

anyway, enough rambling, hope you like the piece :)

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Simply stunning! :D
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I really like how you've done the lighting here! Especially in the panel with Harry walking down that first dark alley he comes across. This was such a short scene, but you've illustrated it beautifully!
xbeautifulxmemoryx's avatar
awesome!! Im sorry about your novel!! thats so messed up! >=[

This pic is awesome though! love it!<3
randomflashbang's avatar
I remember seeing smaller version of this on a fansite somewhere years ago.
I love the style and would love to see the rest :D It really fits well with the nature of the game.
wolfgirl626's avatar
I think this looks great! Especially the first three panels of Harry with the flashlight. It really captures the lost and alone atmosphere of the game. And of course I'm digging those evil little critters on the attack too. It's a pretty cool layout, really. Very nice! :thumbsup:
gazpar's avatar
awesome, is there any more pages or is this the only one?, good job
Puppet-Of-Lax's avatar
:O the coolest thing ever?? are you allowed to put the rest up or re-do it if ur not happy with it because i think this is awsome!!! would love to read this.
Amazonne's avatar
This is incredible, really.
I loved that part of the game and the feeling it gives. You did a great job drawing it!
Neil-Googe's avatar
thank you very much... i'm actually doing a re work of some of these spreads, will post them up when i do :)
stitchedlamb's avatar
I remember seeing this quite a while ago on a Silent Hill fansite. It's very disappointing it never worked out. Even if you didn't do as well as you would have liked color-wise, it's 10x better then the SH comics that are being spewed out now.
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This is the kind of page that I love. It's almost paintery. Which I love. The chaos that this page has is just... amazing. I actually really like this, even though it's a bit busy for a reader to wrap his mind around in a few seconds, it's still amazing. Nice work.
Neil-Googe's avatar
thanks... i think in silent hill i wanted something uncomfortable to look at and also a feeling of fear and a frantic need to survive and escape... so i mostly used busy, dirty and colorful pages to try and achieve that.... it worked ok.... nowadays, with my additional experience i would hope i could produce the required feeling without things being so difficult to follow

LoganStonehurt's avatar
That would be awesome, yes. But for my own comic, I'm actually looking for a bit of this kind of style, not too much, because that'll just hurt your eyes eventually, but still :)
Wescoast's avatar
I really like the feel of this page; very frenetic. I remember seeing this image, or part of it, several years ago and trying to track down the book. No wonder I couldn't find it.
Neil-Googe's avatar
thanks very much.... its kinda bitter sweet... i was upset at the time i'd put in so much work for it not to be released... looking back and comparing it to what i could do... maybe it wasn't such a bad thing ;)
PREPBOY's avatar
I'm feeling the Fabry and the sienkowitz on this, no?
Neil-Googe's avatar
certainly sienkowitz... not so much fabry though :)
C-A-U-T-I-O-N's avatar
oh yeah i'm loving the colours on this piece, even if it's old it still looks pretty sweet! :)
Neil-Googe's avatar
why thank you very much :)
C-A-U-T-I-O-N's avatar
man you worked at 2000ad? i totally loved that comic when i was younger.. all time fav artist is simon bisley!
Neil-Googe's avatar
ahhhh the mighty biz... i met him last year... in a toilet... real nice fella... apart from all the drink.. and kicking the toilet door in so he could use a broken loo... but apart from that, real nice guy... shame his art has taken such a nose dive though ;)

yeah worked at 2000ad for about a year or so... was fun, would like to do some stuff for them again if i could...

you should see if you can... would be fun... and you're soooooo easily good enough :)
C-A-U-T-I-O-N's avatar
ahaha!! i'm sure the door just found itself into his foot really! ;P i didn't really like how bisley portrayed the ninja turtles.. i think my childhood memories have been totally scarred now! don't think i've caught bisley's latest stuff... :(

haha! i don't think i'll be trying to get a job at 2000ad, i'm not really a comicker, i'm more of a game geek... besides i don't think the games company that's just employed me will like it if i drop them to get into comics :)

and thanks for thinking my work could cut it! :D
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