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By Neighthirst
Hi guys, I'm writing this to let you guys know that I've decided to switch to Tumblr as my primary art platform. I will not be completely leaving deviantART but I will not be updating it as frequently as I will with Tumblr (I haven't been particularly 'active' on deviantART for a while now anyway). I've also decided to do more frequent livestreams (I would like to stream pretty much any time I'm doing any art), in the past I've used Livestream but I've decided to switch to the much more art focused Picarto.

Before I get into reasons for these changes I'll share the links to where you can find me:
deathirst.tumblr.com/ is my Tumblr page
www.picarto.tv/live/channel.ph… is my Picarto channel.

I have several reasons from switching from deviantART to Tumblr (and they are just my opinion), perhaps the biggest one is the difference in the culture in favouriting. On deviantart for a long time people have favourited anything they remotely like with the intention of getting people to visit there own page (and I can admit for a long time I did this as well to the point where now my favourites gallery is pretty useless because there is to much) and the idea of "fav for fav" is far more prevalent here. My problem with these is that it makes actually good art much harder to find, this is added to by the way groups run which more often than not just end up with way too many deviations for anyone to look at. At the moment I have 10,677 deviantWatch messages, how on earth am I meant to find the few pieces of art that I really like and that inspire me amongst those.

My other problem with deviantART is that it is trying to be too many things at once, The most recent update to the profile really cemented this problem for me. Its trying to be something it's not (and something that already exists) and in trying to be "user-friendly" for everyone taking away a lot of functionality and freedom for users.

I also dislike that on deviantART a lot of functionality is reserved for paying users, which kind of sucks when you think of it as being basically a social network, imagine if you had to pay for Facebook to get the full use out of it.

The final problem I have with deviantART as opposed to tumblr is its userbase. On deviantART almost everyone is an artist, and whilst artist contacts are useful for various reasons sometimes having you're art exposed to non-artists is useful. For example in my opinion artists are less likely to commission someone because unless the commisioned artist is much better than the person or has a significantly different style then they realize they could just do it themselves. Meanwhile someone who is not artistic but either appreciates art or needs something artistic (eg a logo design) they would have to find someone else to do it.

As for switching from Livestream to Picarto it just made a lot more sense to join an art focused streaming service and it also allowed me a lot more freedom in the way I present my stream.

As I said I won't be leaving deviantART but I won't be posting everything here, and I won't be posting as often so if you like my art you're much better off following me on tumblr as well/instead.

Thanks for reading :)
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