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CMC Jump Vector.

.SVG includes Fullbody of each character on seperate layers.

Feel free to use, just please give me credit or link back or something.
Created with Ponyscape Button by Deathirst

Fixed front right leg connection, and slight bumps in hair, Thanks to ~liamwhite1 for letting me know.
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Could you please at least give credit and link to here? Also in future could you please at least ask before repurposing images into bases.
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Sweetie Belle's right front leg doesn't properly connect with her body

There is also a slight bump on her top mane/hair
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Should be fixed now, thanks for letting me know :)
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Something else I missed, along the bottom of Scootaloo's tail the fill doesn't meet the stroke. Also, the strokes are kind of bumpy in general. Think that's it.
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I fixed that, and a few other spots I noticed where the fill didn't meet the stroke or went outside of it.

I also tried to fix some of the bumpy bits. I recently got some advice from a few of the admins at %MLP-VectorClub and was using a weird way of doing tapers and told how I should be doing them, so I started actually using stroke to path and I noticed the bumps seemed to be pretty much wherever I used stroke to path. I noticed you have some really nice vectors, do you have any advice on that or is it just a matter of practice?
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Here's a neat little trick to create tapered lines that works for both Inkscape and Ponyscape (minor differences)

Follow up tutorial on miter joints (If you have Ponyscape, you can use Power Strokes instead

I primarily make my art with plain vanilla Inkscape. I prefer small file sizes and fast render times to ease of use.

These methods are guaranteed to create perfectly tapered lines if you use them correctly. If you need help, let me know and I'd be glad to assist you. I'm in %MLP-VectorClub too, and I've followed their tutorials since I've started making vectors. My earliest ones aren't my best but I learned quickly that the community here will always show you how to make it better :)
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Awesome thanks!

I basically just use Ponyscape because its just what I started vectoring with and it works well enough for me.

And yeah, I'm really impressed with %MLP-VectorClub, I'm glad they don't just accept all vectors, and they don't just tell you your vector's aren't good enough but actually give really useful advice and analysis :)
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Since you are using Ponyscape you will really want to learn about Power Strokes. These are perfectly tapered strokes that Ponyscape can generate.

I gave up on Ponyscape because it devoured my RAM, but it was very good at creating those tapered strokes. Look up a tutorial on Power Strokes on %MLP-VectorClub , they will have some great advice for you to work with
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yeah, I have been using Power Strokes a bit, I think I just need to practice using them properly. (I had been using them for tapers by just adding a power stroke on the end of a normal stroke and otherwise only for smaller strokes)
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