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I've started this page to share some doodles, sketch, illustrations done by my friend. A lot of you guys n girls are making a wild guess on the actual artist, but I'll leave that up to your imagination ;) He/she is probably reading all the inputs provided, but all of the commenting and the uploading will be done by me! And, feel free to follow me up on via twitter trigger_Tattun if I don't seem to be responsive over here. 
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BOTH Matt Bozon AND Yoh Yoshinari are on DeviantArt?! My life now has a meaning!

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is he working on little witch accademia by pure hazard?
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For people which sees random link instead of real twitter author noticed:
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keep it up! the work of this artist s an inspiration.
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I like how his work are expressive, yet seemingly animated with much efficiency.

I even recall a review how his style is the one that works on low budget very well, but, not so much on high budgets like...Gurren Lagann Movies.

I'm interested to see if he willl ever bridge his work over to games, which are high budget, yet still require consistency and efficiency for maximum product cohesiveness. :)
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Gorgeous work :)
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Whether or not you are Mr. Yoshinari-san, I appreciate that you are trying to reach out to the American fans. It has been an honor following his work for so long. Some day, I would very much like to him in person if I ever got the chance.
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DA isn't just 'americans' dude, 'international fans' is more accurate
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I stand corrected then.
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doing gods work.
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Welcome Yoshinari san!(pass it on)
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lol Tattun, I think anyone who's been stalking the Japanese animation world for a little while knows that the art's done by Yoshinari Yoh! Are you going to start posting art by other Trigger staff members as well?
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lol Tattun, everyone can tell it's Yoshinari. he and Imaishi have the most easily identifiable styles.
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also 'neighborstudios' is pretty blatantly a reference to Yoshinari's nickname
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The art style of this friend of yours seems like Yoshinari You's o3o
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Thanks muchly for doing this! It's really kind and awesome of you. Looking forward to more of your friend's amazing works! Cheers :)
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Thank you so much for breaking down the language barrier ;u;
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Ah so the artist has an aide to help run this account! :D  Nice to see you!
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Thank you for taking the time to upload, it's a privilege to be able to see these works from you-know-who :)
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Nice, I'll be looking forward to see more of these!
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Seems pretty clear to me that it's Yoshinari-san :p his style is pretty recognizable
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You sure are like a very good neighbor ;D see what I did there!? yeah, it was really bad n_n'
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