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Nick and Judy

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Looks good there. Think you ever draw more on them? 
BenRG's avatar
The ZPD's finest. 'To Protect and Serve' never got any cuter!
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I like this Quite  lot but I feel Judy's ears are bit too big. All the same its a very nice piece :)
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You sure designed them beautifully. Came here from Fanfiction while reading "The (Not So) Great Outdoors" story.
Andreithebrowser's avatar
I see that tail, Wilde!
The-Psychonaut's avatar
Okay. I'm putting this out there: why in the hell has no one done a 'Hot Fuzz' Zootopia joke!? 
DragonesSaurusRex's avatar
It's cool how they're both cops now
andreyrmon's avatar
I find them even better in your drawing style... 
LadyRissa211's avatar
Love it! Too cute. <3
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These two look outstanding. :) Terrific job. :)
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Im not in to furry but this pic is kinda neat!
ToddNTheShiningSword's avatar
I love how which one is taller depends on how you measure, because if you do it by the ears, they're both the same height. :date:
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I loved the movie, and this capitalizes on the cuteness and strength of their partnership/bond. :D I really like this!
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Awesome design shift from the movie.:3
You draw very nice keep it!
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Loved the ending of the movie 
Nick (Deal with it!) - Icon 
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Aww! Very well done! :happy: 
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        nick wilde Nick Wilde - Icon 
Judy - Icon Judy - Icon 
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