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August 8, 2014
A truly amazing Astroboy fan art, wit a unique blend of the mechanical mixed with nature. It's as if Astroboy blends in to the organic field. Nice use of lighting helps to bring the character to life. It is just beautiful; well done sir.
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KittyLue's avatar
Aw, Atom!  :(  This is so tragic, yet so beautiful and serene at the same time. Like notepaddoodler said, this reminds me of a certain scene in Vol. 7 of the manga, but in color and with your own personal touch to it.  The cool, slightly muted color palette and of course Atom's expression do a very good job of setting the melancholy tone of this piece.  This is definitely going in my faves.
The-Good-Wario's avatar

would Mega Man be next to him?
Moookster's avatar
MAN, sad and beautiful. This says so much. poster worthy.
WPardlow's avatar
  Aw, this cause me to give pause. BEAUTIFUL piece man.
tenchibaka's avatar
how lovely and sad, a discarded relic of a past generation's hopes
Decadia's avatar
I saw a live scale astroy boy figure just yesterday. This is a great piece.
HitomiOsanai's avatar
Oh My! it is so beautiful.
R.I.P. Osamu Tezuka. 
ChasingArtwork's avatar
This is fantastic. 
notepaddoodler's avatar
Ooh, saw this on tumblr--

This is really gorgeous! I love it, it reminds me of one of Astro's "deaths" in the manga. Very beautiful and peaceful, serenely unifying with nature. The colours and details, both mechanical and natural, are beautiful.
lampies22's avatar
seems so sad but great!!^^
IJKelly's avatar
OMGOOOOOD ASTRO BOY YESSSSSS!!!!!!! I got so excited when I saw this. Brings back memories of my intense fangirling for this series ; U ; :heart: Thank you for drawing such a beautiful piece!!!!!!!
RaineyJ's avatar
I love it! Astro Boy was the first anime I watched as a kid and I was obsessed with it. You've done a really nice job, it's got a great atmosphere and it just feels so peaceful.
Delia-is-the-BOMB's avatar
This is amazing! Great job!:D 
Rangerlou's avatar

Still, congratulations on the DD. 
Kida-neechan's avatar
Congratulations on your wonderfully well-deserved DD, dear~ Pink Flower
Have a nice day~ Pink Flowermoonflower Pink Flower
Venof-Unis-Jinanx's avatar
Kinda sad but great illustration.:D (Big Grin) 
MaggieLena's avatar
noooooo, my sweet Atom.. my first love...
Mr-Pink-Rose's avatar
Sad yet beautiful piece of artwork.  Too bad hardly anyone remembers Astro Boy.  I used to watch the original black and white anime when I was little...Now all I have to remember him are some old VHS tapes and YouTube.
JoBeeOne's avatar
Great colours too!
UnstableReactor's avatar
Gotta love how both the character and the narrative evolved so much over the years, to the point where we actually got scenes where Astro Boy (Mighty Atom) broke, and wasn't as invincible as the readers or him thought. Loved the manga as a kid, great job encompassing the humanizing characteristics as well as the mechanical ones of the character.
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