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Fanart Friday # 18 - WH40K - Star Skaven

By nehsan-darke
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Now let me show you what game (and universe) I've been a fan of since my earliest memories. Warhammer! especially 40k.

Now what faction is missing in 40k? I think the 40k version of the rat-people plague that is the Skaven would be the awesomest addition right now. If they already exist, it sadly slipped by me. 

So this is my version of the Starskaven, who breed in the lightless burrowworlds, which make macropoles look like pastorial villages. They attack from their space-U-boats, passing by undetectable as they shift through the unknown depths of the Netherwarp (tm), only to emerge and shockswarm planets to devour and rob them of all their ressources within days or even hours. Common weaponry include viral and bacterial bioweapons as well as corrosive gases which melt away resistance before it even arises, just to make the remains even easier to digest. Heavily modified by crude cybernetics the Starskaven throw their kind into battle like we shove coal into a furnace. With endless disposable masses, they swamp their victims, all for the glory of their plaguemothers.

Behold the brood.…

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Smelt Rats are canon, but Veer-myn in Kill Team are awesome! Fantastic piece.

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From now on...I will forever call the slaughtering rat-people of 40k the Blorch!
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They kind of also look like the Cravers in Endless Space. 

Very cool! Love the Naked Mole Rat faces
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Oh This is really good. I was expecting if GW implemented them their style to look a lot more like the orks with stuff cobbled together, but this looks really unique and different.

But I love the style you choose for them, however it doesn't really fit the description of I having there crude cybernetics and not so advance tech. To keep the swarm theme and overall theme of the skaven, make them high tech somewhere in-between the Imperium and the Tau. They still throw skaven with little training because they over estimate the effect of their tech and bioweapons, and to deal with overpopulation by weeding out those the broodmothers consider weak. 
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Oh!  Mind if I use this for a starfinder game? 
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What's starfinder?
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Its a tabletop rpg and sequel to pathfinder, 
im making a campaign involving Ysoki [a playable race of ratfolk] with his warband raiding worlds and this would make sweet background art
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Would you mind me. 

Using your concepts as a template for some of my works?
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If you want to make miniatures for hobby purposes go ahead! Just anything commercial we'd need to talk about (don't want to be sued by Games Workshop or something...).
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Just want to build on some concepts.

Love your concepts!
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Then go rock that shit!
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amazing love the consept 
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There were concepts by Jes Goodwin done at some point, which would probably fit Age of Sigmar better than 40k, but nothing ever came of them. I really like yours, really cool looking! They may lack something which has always been essential to Skaven technology though: warpstone.
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