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Da Vitruvian Lisa

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These were the after-effects of Reading The Da Vinci Code.

N this was what I found after I spent some time with Da Vinci's most controversial Mona lisa ..

I always found her face a bit too mysterious and used to look out for a hidden picture in her face.
N thats exactly wot I found..

the Vitruvian Man !
He fits so perfectly on her face....
*his body perfectly blending with her nose
*most intresting is the curvature of the lips.. that fits exactly between the vitruvians legs..
*and the gaps between the hands so perfectly accomodate both eyes..!

n the vitruvian man now looks like hez got wingss....!

n thats my 1st attempt at research...Isnt It WOW!
This one makes me feel good ! :P
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WOW Exlnt invention congrats ....... go on
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thats great obeservation
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omg thats amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
irondude00's avatar
omg thats amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yes, really amazing discovery!
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amazing discovery, man...
haven't thought about it before :salute:
nehamithbawkar's avatar
yeah ..
even I never thought I cud think of it..:P
n it feels gr8 to hav founded it...
thx a ton!!
nehamithbawkar's avatar
wot plotting...ehh? :P
:boogie: thanks for da :+fav:
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De Rosario code :evillaugh:
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Kaay bolu suchat naahiye... Itka wichaar karnyaachi buddhi asti tar me scientist zaalo asto... Kharach malaa kaahi suchat naahiye lihaaylaa....
I kneel down... Gr8... Thx for sharing...
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Da Vinciz works have amazed me..
esp after reading that book...
mebbe if u read Da Vinci Code even u 'd come up with sumthing like this..
i really enjoied doing this...
my pleasure! :bow:
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Oh... I have to read it now... lets see aamchya dokyaat kaahi prakash padto ka te... :)
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Wwow, Innovative Perspective behind an Art :clap:

मुली!!! िजंकलंस ग िजंकलंस... :#1:
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hats off!!
कस्सं जमलं तुला एवढं सगळं?!

thanx alot for sharing this..!!!
मानलं तुला!! अगदी मनापासून!!
nehamithbawkar's avatar
I had done thIs quiet sumtime back ..
jus thought of sharing it wit some creative heads on DA
m really glad tu manlas mala..:p
khushi ke aasu :happycry:
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