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This album presents artworks illustrating the attraction of the macabre. Is it an expression of self, is it portrayed through beauty or by a mere morbid fascination? From forbidden desires to the allure of death, pain and malice, perhaps the acceptance of its existence instead of fear: stories of obscene seductions.
This concept is seen through the eyes of different artists around the world and allows us to explore the places of the human psyche that is present, but preferably denied by most.
The coordinator of this project and at the same time the chief editor of the book is Irene Langholm:

Album available to buy at nEgoist shop:

List of artists:

Andreea Anghel (Cigaro)
Manuel Bravi (Isahn)
Marc Dubord (Mcdbrd)
Ian X. (Ian C. Struckhoff)
L. Helbert
Gabriela Luevano (Blacklady666)
Karina Marandjian (daunhaus)
Nadezhda Markalova (Hope72)
Stefano Mattioni (Viron v2.0)
Donna Mills (ClickClickBang)
Mosa Moradzadeh (OnePixArt)
Christel Morvan (Nesis)
Morten Skau Næss
Rosalía García Pérez (Lía G.)
Mariana Paola Urzua Pulido (Mariana Palova)
Julia Rohwedder (Moonshine90)
Dean Samed (Conzpiracy)
Tanya Simpson (RockstarVanity)
Jessica Walker (PorcelainPoet)
Oliver Wetter (Fantasio)
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By any chance do you have some preview pages other than the cover shot?
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All of the works that are featured in the book is seen here: [link] :)
WadeFurlong's avatar
You heard what I said to Ian right? Now for you I have to come up with something fun for a comment on your blissful insane works you just linked me too...

Well fukk, pickle a duck - this book is just too much of a must to miss:faint:
IreneLangholm's avatar
:lol: Well, I'm glad you like. They are indeed some stunning works.
PorcelainPoet's avatar
I was wondering that too :giggle:
WadeFurlong's avatar
Gotta be shameless and ask right... Anyhoo, the book does have a sweet demeanor I know you and I would adore. Just curious how bliss this prize is???:excited:
PorcelainPoet's avatar
Oh yes, not only will I like the book, I'm in it! :dance:
WadeFurlong's avatar
You too, dear spew, I need to get together the dough for the book. Seriously adore your shitz!:sprint:
PorcelainPoet's avatar
I need to buy at least one extra copy of the book for myself (they're sending them to the artists).
But an extra might come in handy someday.. you never know.
And thank you! I'm flattered! :hug:
IanStruckhoff's avatar
I posted a few more thumbnails from the book, including my two photos, in my journal. `WilderWein77 (the editor) has a favorites collection with many more. [link] :)
WadeFurlong's avatar
Well shux and shoot my goose, a must:faint:
IanStruckhoff's avatar
haha, well said!
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