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February 17, 2021
Autumn Sunbeam by negg4dia
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Autumn Sunbeam


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concept I did after taking a look at the autumn nature around where I live. happy october
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There's a lot of energy/movement in this piece, well done!

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These colors and this piece are beautiful!!
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That is SO cool!

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Best season of the year 😊

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do you think you can draw an elven city next?

If you want some inspiration I would suggest you to search on elven cities from the first age of Lord of The Rings. Gondolin, Alqualonde, Nargothrond, Doriath, Tirion,...

Also the warcraft elven cities like Silvermoon, Suramar and Zin Azshari

or Lux Aurea from The Dragon Prince

and there is also this elven city atop a volcano

also little sidenote if you want a good webcomic to read before sleeping or whatever I suggest you Drowtales

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I love the oranges and reds which arrive in autumn, and you managed to capture them very well in this sketch.

Even as a sketch, I can clearly discern the environment. You seem to have used the orange leaves strategically to provide dynamic eye movement with them, which I appreciated. The 'structure' at the right side works well as a focal point, and the 'star' inside it is what my eyes were drawn to.

Overall, nice sketch man

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appreciate the critque <3

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dang this is gorgeous, love the palette choice

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