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Jet Grind Radio Group

At Anime Festival Orlando 2010, with our Jet Set Radio Future/Jet Grind Radio Group. Getting this group together was probably the most fun I have ever had at a convention.

:iconsilvver: = Gum
:iconanimepunk1: = Beat
:iconinfinityink888: = Mew/Ryth (front)
:iconotakitty: = Love Shocker
:iconjunicorn77: = Rapid 99
:iconyasosume: = Mew/Ryth (back)
:iconnegativedreamer: = Rokkoku Police Officer
:iconladykethry: = Cube

People who need to get dA accounts...
Shawn = Tab/Corn
Patrick = Yoyo

Photo by :iconmorataya:

More Jet Grind Radio:
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:D Nicely done! A friend of mine had JSRF on his XBOX. Even though I have a Dreamcast, I never played that version.
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its just as good as the first, and in my opinion an even better soundtrack! though the original soundtrack was still freaking amazing.
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Wow this cosplay nailed it, you guys look just like the characters :D
Pumkin-Portfolio's avatar
This is the best!!!
Sugoi-kun's avatar
dat damn awesome rollerblades from gum Love 
negativedreamer's avatar
they were a pain to make!
Sugoi-kun's avatar
I can imagine it. but it was worth! :) (Smile) 
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The Rokkaku Police Officer got owned!
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*sigh* i just recently saw how much i miss this game. havent played it since i was about 10 (im 17 now)
i wish i still had it. since im older and i can actually pay attention to plot and know how to play correctly XD ;;
Anyway- Amazing job!~
negativedreamer's avatar
yese, this game is sooo awesome. love the art style
MistressAmerah's avatar
haha so true ^_^ i heard theres a new one coming out soon. whats up with that?
negativedreamer's avatar
its a HD release of the jet grind radio that came out on the dreamcast
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yes. that is all.
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Man I loved this game I played it with my bro a long time ago, love the cosplay btw ^0^
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