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Springaling 386: Eight Little Nightmares
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Published: December 30, 2018
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This story arc is really rough on me.  Argh.  Things like this make me miss the good old days of outtakes and goofy jokes.  I bet you miss 'em too.

Originally Plushtrap was supposed to be in this comic.  But when I sat down to draw, I realized what a problem that was.  She's a small little critter on the floor, with all these huge nightmares looming overhead.  Either she gets lost in the frame or they can't all fit in.  So, I had to tweak the script around.  How should be kind of obvious.
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that's why the chicken shouldn't cross the road.....
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Kronkowski|Hobbyist Artist
Her suits looks hollow to me for some reason. Weird!?
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priestblackstar2's avatar
Oh god i was crying went i read up to this page but i do hope she is ok i like nightmare chaic she third favorite character from FNAF 4 but awesome work on this.
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GoldenSpringtrapX's avatar
so where is Chica? can't wait too find out!!
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Springmeister98's avatar
Springmeister98|Hobbyist General Artist
Foxy you know the rules, put a freaking suit on!
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Skelenderia1706's avatar
Skelenderia1706|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
God dang it Bon just wake her up the one tradition Disney way. :*
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ZDS2001|Hobbyist Digital Artist
"She is still with us..." That sense of hope is what they all need right now...
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thatweirdboi543|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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SugarGirlPrincess's avatar
SugarGirlPrincess|Student General Artist
.......maybe you can sleeping beauty/snow white her awake. I'm sorry I'll let myself out. But seriously tho I hope shes ok and someone please give N.Bonnie a hug he looks like he need it
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ChiwwyDawg's avatar
ChiwwyDawg|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Most puzzling...and a tad distressing...
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Thunderstudent's avatar
If she dies I'll be very sad
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littlegreeny92's avatar
nightmare bonnie knows something the others don't 
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Killing-Sense-Rulez's avatar
Killing-Sense-Rulez|Hobbyist General Artist
$20 says chica just needed a break from all the drama lmao
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Barrel33's avatar
Barrel33|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I bet $22.
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Cake-a-Tron's avatar
Cake-a-Tron|Student Traditional Artist
Ooooh Chica's not home, but she's still around. Ho boy, Bonnie looks really concerned, don't blame him. I'd be worried too if a member of the family suddenly stopped functioning. 
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