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Fraggle Bones



I like drawing skeletons. To me they are not representations of death, but of structure. Since I've been Fragglin' out, why not try figuring out what a Fraggle skeleton looks like?

Most of it is basically humanoid, with alterations to accommodate their size and lifestyle. The skull was a bit tricky, however. We know they have teeth, even though we hardly ever see them (Convincing John being the most obvious exception), so I've given them herbivore molars & incisors, no eyeteeth. Eye sockets on top, of course. Precious little brain case, but they seem to make do. This pic was drawn without reference material, by the way, so don't look too closely at the hands and joints.

No Fraggles were harmed in the making of this image, despite it looking like something exhumed from the back of Junior Gorg's garden. A Fraggle simply fell asleep while waiting in line at the airport and got slipped through the X-ray machine.

EDIT: Argh! I left out the hyoid bone. What the heck was I thinking?How are they supposed to sing all day without that?
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I've been trying to wok out Fraggle taxonomy. I've come to the conclusion that they're some kind of offshoot of the insectovora family which adapted primate-like physiology through convergent evolution.

the skull here is slightly reminiscent of that of a shrew's, but it also has some almost baboon-like qualities, minus a pronounced brow ridge and enlarged canines