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Perfect Imperfections: Writing Character Flaws
Character. You’ve got your flat, walk-on, one-dimensional characters. You have two-dimensional characters with personalities and lines. But if personality makes a two-dimensional character, what makes a character three-dimensional or round?
The easy answer is depth: dreams, virtues, and flaws. The most important of these three is flaws.
Why does your character need flaws? Two reasons: first, it adds conflict, which is always good for a story; and second, it makes the characters more believable.
There are several kinds of flaws that you can use when making your characters. We’re going to explore these flaws using characters from Butterfly Enigma.
Flaws of desire refer to the acts one is willing to perform to achieve their goals. Characters with these flaws may lie to, steal from, manipulate, or even murder other characters. It is important to remember, though, that this is not always an indication that a person is bad.
Reginald Noble and Ignatius Lindon
:iconbritneymorgan:BritneyMorgan 11 4
7 Tips and Tricks If You Want to Be a Writer
1. Assume that you are wrong.
No matter whether you think your work is good or bad, assume that you are wrong. This is the same with any medium, really. An artist cannot trust their own gut to tell them what is good because of personal bias. If you are confident, it will always be amazing! If you are not, it will always be shit. Throw what you believe in the garbage and show it to someone else.
2. Trust your beta-readers.
Take what they say with a grain of salt, but trust them. If something doesn't sit right with them, ask why. If they ask questions, don't answer. Explain it in the text and have them re-read it. Unless you're writing a mystery/suspense piece, in which case, just be proud that you've done your job!
3. Listen to the characters.
This is the best way to keep them in character. As a writer, you should know them inside and out. Play it out in your head, and let them tell you when you're wrong. If you truly understand your creations, they will communicate
:iconbritneymorgan:BritneyMorgan 6 13



*That moment when you encounter someone who is twice your age but have no idea what the political structure of their own nation is while you know it perfectly because it was mandatory reading in primary school*
Off-monday Sci Fi essay:
A case for AI without ASI:
By science high-schooler David Barkland.

The central piece of much Sci fi is the progress of technology, which if the setting permits AI naturaly raises the question of what happens when the AI outsmarts it's creator. If said AI can make adjustments and improvments, and a human can make an AI smarter than a human, then we could quickly see rapidly progressing generations of more advanced AI until the emergence of a godlike AI, a superintelligence or ASI.
This can present a problem for Sci Fi not focused around ASI development; as soon as an ASI exists, it will outmatch everything not an ASI in every concievable way, and it could concieve of many ways we could not. The problem is: readers get attatched to characters, not silicate chips or an amorpheous swarm, and an ASI is the ultimate mary sue/gary stu: there is literally nothing we could do that an ASI would not be better at.
However, the emerence of ASI, the Singularity, is based on the assumption that we can make an AI more intelligent than us. If we can not, and an AI can not, make intelligences that surpass themselves, a singularity with exponentially increasing counsciousness can't happen: the first AI will be able to code more AI quicker than we could, but if AI remains human-level their child-intelligences may well be as well. That said, even "human-level" AI would likely surpass the vast majority of humans in feats of decision making and logical deduction, as it makes sense that our AI be based on clever humans. Similarily, even relatively dumb AI will be vastly superior in any computational task, same as the calculator app on a cellphone, as even an overshoot of 0.1% of the processing power needed to simulate a human mind is on par with where the strongets supercomputers were only a decade or two ago.

This argument's purpose is not to dispell the ASI theory, superintelligence may very well emerge even within our lifetimes, but serves as a justification to put AI alongside humans and/or xenos in science fiction without having to deal with the consequences of more or less giving every ship in the fleet an omnipotent being. If your setting is all about the singularity, simply set the following axiom to be false, if you like me want to explore the possibility of organics and synths living as equals set it as true.
The axiom is as follows:
All code is limited by the proficiency of the coder, and the coder can not achieve proficiency above that of their own intelligence; thus code can not reach proficiency above that of the coder.
If true, no AI can be more intelligent that it's creator, being more useful only in tasks where the hardware gives an edge (experimentation, combat, calculations, learning things rapidly) while remaining fairly equal to organics in other terms (decision making, consequence thinking, scientific pursuit, emotions, etc). If false, AI can be slightly smarter than it's creator, and use it's vastly expanded computational ability to make a better AI and so on till either the hardware is limiting or it is impossible to make further improvments, in effect giving an all-knowing being.
It should be noted that a humen-level AI would be limited in physical and calculus tasks by it's hardware rather than code, so they can still surpass organics and potentially network to further amplify their advantage; you only get the absence of superintelligence. On the other hand, cybernethic augmentation may very well improve organic hardware as well.

How you choose to go about AI in your own settings is up to you; like all other speculative technologies it should be considered a story-telling device. The types of AI you allow should have capabilities on the level your setting allows, just like the existanse or no of faster than light travel and it's methods have to be as dependant on the setting as the other way around. This is simply some thoughts about how to go about explaining and understanding the tech that makes your 'verse tick.

In Galaxy in Chaos the axiom is set to true; while there are some powerful AI they are matched by organics, and have advantages only in that they react faster and can withstand far larger forces.
Thought on the planetary development and pop growth in Stellaris:

I have come across a few forums where players try to figure out how much a single "pop" (unit of population) actually is, aside from "however large or small it needs to be for the current gameplay mechanic", usually without reaching any sort of conclusion.
So, I'd like to start yet another discussion (if any other Stellaris players read this and are interested) where I add my own two cents.
Looking at how the pop is used, it's quite easy to see that any single number isn't going to make very much sense; either you can spawn a colony ship with a billion people in a year flat, all ready to spawn another billion at the new colony in just another year or two, while making no dent in your population (which is probably around 6 to 10 billion in the early game), or populations on new colonies are so extremely efficient, but resource intensive, that the millions in the colonies are going to make the vast majority of your production and consumption a couple decades into the game (and those colonies can spawn colony ships with a full pop in a year without impacting over all population as well. Maybe it's an infinite ever-increasing loop?).
But there is one thing that "sorta-really-stretching-it-but-maybe" have a canon-esque number of people: the backstory for the Commonwealth of Man. If I remember correctly, the colony that became CoM was part of a UN colony fleet of eight ships sent through instabile warmholes, each ship carrying a quarter million colonists.
While this was a century before the start of the game, if it applies it gives some sort of baseline: the colony ships carry a couple hundred thousand. This is were I'm going to present my hypothesis:
The reason we can only build basic-low-resource-production buildings at the level of "reassembled ship shelter" is that we actually can't staff larger buildings, since at that level each pop is a couple hundred thousand, and then the "Planetary Administration"-level represents a larger population, say tens of millions a pop, represented by the ability to build larger and more productive buildings, and so on, placing the starting capital-level on the homeworld in a comfortable billion/pop range.
It doesn't translate perfectly to how much resources the pops produce and consume, but dense cities are more resource efficient, and after a certain point less producing (from the Stellaris POW since a larger portion of the population works with things other than mining, agriculture, and energy), and I'm fairly confident most units in Stellaris are representative rather than literal anyway, seeing how a full dyson-sphere produce only marginally more energy than a handfull full-stocked planets.
What do you think?
Now that Article 13 have been passed, I have woved to not use the M-word. Instead the M-word will be replaced by the most shallow and transparent replacements.
Accepted replacements of the M-word:
"Memory-gene" (since that´s exactly what dawkins meant) and "Memetic Information Package" (since it´s technically another word, but completely obvious)



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