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That is has. More than a year in fact. I did in fact live through the last three grueling months of college and graduated with perfect attendance despite feeling like I was going to die when I wrote my last journal. Took a while off, formed a relationship with the man of my dreams. Remind me to tell you how we met sometime. I've moved to Santa Rosa California, right north of San Fransisco. Such a beautiful city. Looking for work while still adjusting to not being at home. I haven't really done much photography in god, too long. At least none that I've sat and properly planed out, just little vacation photos here and there. Might post a few in a bit. I've recently become reacquainted with photoshop and have occupied my down time with making signatures for my fellow guildies from Warcraft. I still play just as heavily as I did last we spoke. in the top guild on the server now, lot's of server first and fun achievements.

So much has changed, it feels like such a whirlwind has overtaking me this past year. Ah well, C'est la vie as they say. Let's see where this journey goes. ^_^
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Wow! Congrats on everything! :D Its really good to hear from you again! :3
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I was wondering where you went. Good to hear about the dreamboat catch- you'll have to tell us the story. I can't help but to think you met him at a race when he caught you from nearly falling down the stairs.
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Welcome back! Looks like you've been busy since the last time you visited. I was gone around a year and got back a few months ago :P

I tried Warcraft quite a while ago. Sometimes I feel like going back to it but then I get lazy and don't buy the card for it...I only have a level 12 rogue in it anyway :/