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Name: Wadjet
Sex: Female
Age: (11 when she became an apprentice, 24 when she took an apprentice) 32
Background: She was born in a traveling circus where her parents worked.
Hair: Taupe-ish brown, mid-long.
Eyes: Striking blue
Stage: Woodwife
Familiar:  Male Wolverine - Nigel
Cloak: Beige fringed coat trimmed with Ankh crosses and Horus eyes embroidery, ending with a swan-like symbol on the bottom.
Touched by The Wood: No.
Effect: N/A
Truth: When life follows what you’re good at, heart is lighter than the Maat.

History: Daughter of Apophet, a strongly Woodtouched Woodwife born in Egypt who talks to snakes, is partly covered in scales, and was hereby the snake handler of a traveling circus and the « Snake Woman », and her husband Thomas, a human knife-thrower, Wadjet inherited her mother’s character and hair, and her father’s blue eyes and passion for knives. Wadjet's mother being a Woodwife, it didn’t come as a surprise when Wadjet turned out to have the Sight. The circus, having no available Woodwife teacher to offer (her mother didn’t want to do it herself), she was handled to a Woodwife who happened to be in London when the Circus performed there, and was willing to leave everything behind to follow the circus as a Woodwife teacher : young Vera Vintersdotter, who was only 23 but seemed to badly need a change of air after unfortunate events. The Woodwife and Wadjet didn’t always follow the circus, sometimes Vera would take her student to a trip in the Wood, and she seemed to want to avoid some countries. Wadjet was quite surprised when she met her familiar, a Wolverine (a « mini-bear » as she called him at first) she named Nigel, because she thought it was funny to have such a wild beast with a very English and very civilized name.
When Wadjet finished her training, she went to Stewardship, and it was the longest year and a day she ever had. She missed the circus very much. Good thing she could sometimes elope to London and meet with Vera, who gave her news from the circus, with which she had stayed in touch. During her stewardship, Wadjet’s father passed away, murdered by hateful people in a dark alley of some city. It was only natural that, when she came back to the circus, she took his place as a knife-thrower. Her mother was thrilled to have her back.

When she was 24, the Circus traveled to Egypt, her mother’s country of origin, and Wadjet found a 13 year old boy trying to sneak in to see the show without paying for it. He was an orphaned child, and clearly had the Sight, for he saw the invisible tattoo of a snake Apophet had in her forehead, which appeared glowing for those with the Sight. He even already had a familiar, even if he had no Woodwife training at all. It was a porcupine he had named fluffy. Go figure. Wadjet, who needed an assistant to her show, thought it would be a good idea to train the young man both in Woodwifing and in Circus performing. In the meantime, Wadjet found out about the Fairy Circus run by Natasha, and decided to take her mother away from the Freak Show their circus had forced her into. They joined the Fairy Circus, but Apophet decided to live the life of a recluse, helping with the animals and the cooking, but only showing herself when wrapped in thick veils, and remaining the rest of the time in her caravan. The young Antef was a quick learner, and has now finished his stewardship, and joined the Circus as well as Wadjet's official assistant. He’s 21 and a handsome young man who doesn’t even flinch when she throws her knives at him. Good lad.

Likes: Egypt, knives, the life in the Circus, traveling around the world, more knives, gemstones, snakes (even taught Nigel not to eat them), honesty, wits, scare narrow-minded people away, Turkish Delight, her mother, practicing on the empty stage, Antef, speaking various languages (she’s fluent in English, Arabic, Norsk, and quite at ease with Spanish, French and German).
Dislikes: Narrow-minded people, people who think a woman is weaker than a man, potatoes, missing her goal, sewing (but embroidery is okay), rainy weather, cooking, feys (for what they have done to her mother).
Talents: Accuracy when she throws (maybe some kind of light wind/air magic), crafting charms, runes, healing magic (a few balms, mostly small spells), natural ease with animals, divination (Egyptian style) and secret charms and spells from Egypt her mother taught her.
Weaknesses: Most spells (except for Egyptian ones), most elemental magic (except a bit of air magic), potions, brews, and anything that needs to be cooked (that doesn’t include balms who don’t necessarily need to be cooked).
Wadjet was designed by :iconxaotl: for the :iconwoodwives: group, and kindly gifted to me by my lovely husband for my birthday. :) She goes with Antef. (I slightly updated the History part, to adjust to the Fairy Circus other members. Also, Apophet, Wadjet's mother, is NOT available for any RP. She's a total NPC and will only make random appearances in dialogues for the mother-daughter relationship's sake. None of her powers or lookings are determined clearly for she will not use them, unless the GM decides to use her for something, in which case she won't be played by me)
Woodwives- Fairy Circus-Knife Act (Closed) by xaotl
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