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Name: Antef
Sex: Male
Age: (13 when he became an apprentice) 21
Background: Orphaned young, Antef lived of small thievery, beggary and other petty crimes in the port of Alexandria in Egypt when he met with the Fairy Circus.
Hair: Long black and thick.
Eyes: Grey
Stage: Woodwife
Familiar: Female Porcupine - Fluffy
Cloak: Purple with crossed knives, grape vines, and sinister red that could be either blood or wine.
Touched by The Wood: No.
Effect: N/A
Truth: When life gives you grapes, you can either make sour vinegar or good wine, but you have to defend your choice and live with it.

History: Antef was born in a poor Nubian family who had settled in the port of Alexandria, Egypt, because his father was a sailor. His father never returned from a trip when Antef was still quite young, and his mother tried to deal with her three kids the best she knew, but she had to work on the docks for a living, and one day, she just never returned. Antef never knew if she abandoned them or died, or was maybe sold as a slave somewhere. They were two brothers and a sister left to survive by themselves. They stayed together for a while, then his older sister decided to work for rich people as a maid. His older brother wanted to know what happened to their mother, and left to lead an inquiry of his own. Antef was left alone, he joined a group of street kids working for an opium dealer, and lived of thievery, beggary, delivering packages, and, being quite a big guy for his age, accompanying the boss to frighten people who didn’t pay in time. It was a life of violence, and against Antef’s placid nature, but he did what he had to do to survive. He was not the emotional kind anyway. He woke up one morning when he was 12 with a strange creature at his side, and when it touched him, Antef knew she was a Porcupine and his soulmate. He didn’t have a clue as to why it was like that, but his boss liked the scary stings on Fluffy’s back, so he didn’t mind. He carried on being a street kid working for the boss, and even got himself tattooed to look more scary and belonging to the gang. One day when he was 13, he heard there was a Circus in town. He was curious, and went to see the show. Only the boss wouldn’t give him money for that, obviously, so he had to sneak his way in. He was caught by a strange young lady in a beautiful coat, who took him in, then realized he could see things other people wouldn’t see, like her mother’s snake tatoo on the forehead. She told him she was Wadjet the knife-thrower, and he was a Woodwife like her, and she would take him as an apprentice as long as he didn’t mind learning to be her show assistant too. The boy gladly left his hometown behind and followed the Circus, discovering a new world, and even more when they changed for the Fairy Circus, mostly run by Woodwives. Fluffy loved it, and so did he. He learnt the ways of the Wood along with the ways of the Circus, liked by most because of his easy smile and calm behavior. Nobody questioned his past. Then he made his cloak, spent a year and a day in the Heart to serve as a Steward, pleasing his teachers with his maturity and good will, and pleasing the ladies with his dazzling looks. Now he has returned to the Circus, and is official assistant for the knife-thrower, Wadjet. Good job, a lot of traveling, he likes it there.

Likes: The sea, Egypt, knives, the life in the Circus, traveling around the world, ships, having a full belly (he’s not picky), the feeling of sand or grass under his feet, fresh fruits, observing the world, listening to people, music, tales, interesting facts, learning (he’s a fast learner), charming the ladies with an easy smile, taking naps, cooking, learning from old ladies. He speaks fluent Arabic and English, and a bit of French from the French vast influence in Egypt.
Dislikes: Brawling, reading, being hungry (makes him grumpy), abuses on human beings or animals.
Talents: Healing potions, brews and balms, sleeping potions, hallucinating drugs, water-related magic at a small level, illusion charms and spells, concealing charms.
Weaknesses: Most spells, divination, fire and air magic, language magic, truth magic…
Antef was designed by :iconxaotl: for the :iconwoodwives: group, and kindly gifted to me by my lovely husband for my birthday. :) He goes with Wadjet.
Woodwives- Fairy Circus-Knife Act (Closed) by xaotl
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