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Raven - DC comics

Hello people!!! :heart:

Raven is a fictional superheroine who appears in comic books published by DC Comics. Raven, or Rachel Roth, has been a prominent member of the Teen Titans. Raven is an empath, she can teleport, and send out her Soul-Self—which can fight physically as well as act as Raven's eyes and ears away from her body.

This version of Raven is from the old comic (1980 series), but I think is the best dress! very elegant and cool.
I made the cosplay by myself, and I changed some details (like the hair color). In the comic her hair is black, but in the other series (animation and comics v2 and v3) is violet or dark violet, so I wanted an intermediate hair color.
Another change is the dress color. In the old comic is a "normal blue" (not so dark), but in the modern version is dark blue, so I made the cosplay with dark blue.

Other photos

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your'e seeeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
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Hey, this costume might be over 30 years old, and thus would be considered a relic, but that doesn't mean it kicks ass in more ways than one! :D

I also like how you changed some of the details not only to suit your purposes, but because it kinda makes sense to have a darker blue than an ordinary blue... Shines better in the sunlight, clearly. (And the material really helps too. :nod:)

You are right, this dress is very elegant and royal, to say the least, and the violet hair is a nice touch. Overall, a fine job, and maybe I'm repeating myself since I commented on your Raven cosplay previously, but I can't help it, it just has to be noticed again and again. 
:iconrecordplz: <--- Surprised I don't sound like a broken one of these at the moment... ;p

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thank you so much!!!!! :D
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You betcha! Take it easy. =D
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Great costume!
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thank you so much!
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No problem! You make that yourself?
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Ooooo! I just learned a new word! Fantastic work!
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I feel like Raven literally just walked right out of the comic looking at you. Great cosplay!
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wowww thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!! *-*
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right out of the comics great job beautiful
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I have always wanted to cosplay the DC raven like this one.. I dressed up as the Cartoon Network Teen Titans version for Halloween in fourth grade XD!!!
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that pics is so awesome
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thanks for all coments!
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