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Here's a cosplay wish list, since I'm tired of seeing it under my DA ID (it takes too much space...).
That's pretty much some cosplay I'd like to make in the future, meaning cosplay that aren't planned yet.

Air Gear
:bulletblack: Kaito
:bulletwhite: Rika - New Thorn Queen
:bulletwhite: Rika - Old Thorn Queen

Assassin's Creed
:bulletwhite: Lucrezia Borgia

Card Captor Sakura
:bulletblack: Yue

:bulletblack: Aeon
:bulletblack: Alucard (SotN)
:bulletblack: Leon Belmont

Le Chevalier d'Eon
:bulletblack: d'Eon - Blue dragoon/V5 cover
:bulletwhite: Lia - Red dress/V5 cover

:bulletblack: Kanda Yuu
:bulletblack: Marshall Marian Cross

:bulletblack: Krad

:bulletblack: Ios - Archangel/Lucifer

Dragon Ball
:bulletwhite: Bulla

Excel Saga
:bulletwhite: Excel

Final Fantasy
:bulletblack: Emperor Mateus (FFII/Dissidia)
:bulletblack: Emperor Mateus - Light (FFII/Dissidia 012)
:bulletwhite: Princess Hilda (FFII)
:bulletblack: Cecil Harvey (FFIV/Dissidia)
:bulletblack: Edge Geraldine (FFIV: AY)
:bulletblack: Kain Highwind (FFIV/Dissidia)
:bulletwhite: Celes Chere (FFVI)
:bulletblack: Genesis Rhapsodos (FFVII:CC or DoC)
:bulletwhite: Ifalna (FFVII)
:bulletblack: Kadaj (FFVII: Crisis Core)
:bulletwhite: Lucrecia Crescent (FFVII)
:bulletwhite: Minerva (FFVII:CC)
:bulletwhite: Scarlet (FFVII)
:bulletblack: Vincent Valentine (FFVII or DoC)
:bulletwhite: Adel (FFVIII)
:bulletwhite: Quistis Trepe (FFVIII)
:bulletwhite: Ultimecia (FFVIII/Dissidia)
:bulletwhite: Ultimecia - ExMode (FFVIII/Dissidia)
:bulletwhite: Ruby (FFIX)
:bulletblack: Seymour Guado (FFX)
:bulletblack: Lord Zaon (FFX-2)
:bulletwhite: Paine - Samurai Dressphere (FFX-2)
:bulletblack: Judge Zargabaath (FFXII)
:bulletwhite: Jihl Nabaat (FFXIII)
:bulletblack: Caius Ballad (FFXIII-2)
:bulletwhite: Caetuna (FFXIII - Type 0)
:bulletwhite: Emina (FFXIII - Type 0)
:bulletblack: Nine (FFXIII - Type 0)
:bulletwhite: Seven (FFXIII - Type 0)
:bulletwhite: Sice (FFXIII - Type 0)

Fire Emblem
:bulletblack: Rafiel
:bulletblack: Reyson

Fruits Basket
:bulletblack: Ayame Sohma

Fushigi Yuugi
:bulletblack: Nuriko - Long hair normal version

:bulletblack: Saito Hajime - Kimono version
:bulletblack: Saito Hajime - Calendar Art

:bulletwhite: Integra - Fighting version

:bulletwhite: Sesshomaru's mother

:bulletblack: Byakuran - White
:bulletblack: Byakuran - Rokuchoka
:bulletblack: Squalo
:bulletblack: Squalo - 10 years later

Kingdom Hearts
:bulletwhite: Aerith (KH2)
:bulletwhite: Aqua
:bulletblack: Terra
:bulletblack: Xemnas - Final outfit

Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)
:bulletblack: Charles Grey
:bulletblack: Snake - Circus
:bulletblack: Snake - Phantomhive footman
:bulletblack: Undertaker - Wonderland

Kyo Kara Maoh!
:bulletblack: Günter von Christ

:bulletwhite: SteamPunk OC (Ship pirate captain style)

Pandora Hearts
:bulletblack: Vincent

Saga Frontier
:bulletblack: Blue

Saint Seiya
:bulletblack: Aquarius Camus
:bulletblack: Aquarius Dégel (Lost Canvas)
:bulletblack: Aries Mü
:bulletblack: Dragon Shiryū
:bulletblack: Pisces Albafica (Lost Canvas)
:bulletblack: Pisces Aphrodite

Suikoden III
:bulletwhite: Ayame
:bulletwhite: Chris Lightfellow
:bulletwhite: Lucia
:bulletwhite: Queen
:bulletblack: Watari
:bulletblack: Yuber

Trinity Blood
:bulletwhite: Astharoshe Asran
:bulletblack: Cain - Crusnik 100%
:bulletwhite: Paula Souwauski

:bulletwhite: Gakuko - Dance of the brocade
:bulletblack: Gakupo - Dance of the brocade
:bulletblack: Gakupo - From a miniature garden[...]
:bulletblack: Gakupo - Synchronicity

Walt Disney etc.
:bulletwhite: Ariel - Jewels
:bulletwhite: Belle - Gold gown
:bulletwhite: Cinderella - Jewels

Witch Hunter Robin
:bulletwhite: Robin

:bulletwhite: Kos-mos

:bulletblack: Mahaado (Ancient Egypt Act)

Yu Yu Hakusho
:bulletblack: Kurama
:bulletblack: Yoko Kurama
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Tu fais pu catherine de trinity blood pour l'an prochain???
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So don't worry about it :p (DA et son non edit, gah, dsl pour le double reply...)
C'est ma liste de cosplay que je voudrais faire, mais par certains, Catherina, Edge et Sesshomaru sont certains ^_~
NeferCosplay's avatar
Uh oui je le fais, c'est dans ma list 'sure' en dessous de mon DA ID lol xD
Touzzy's avatar
Good!!! Parce que moi Noëlle est toujours dans mes plans, et le costume de Marie aussi!!!
NeferCosplay's avatar
Elle fait toujours Seth right? Je sens qu'on va avoir du fun à tout faire lol!
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NoahWolfrinHobbyist Photographer
Hey tell me when you are going to make your Oc steampunk.
I have so many gears that I stop counting and we could do something steampunk together. I plan on making one one day.
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Sure thing ^^ I'm actually supposed to make one whenever Gaby and Dee make theirs (in 2013 or 2014 I think, a time traveler and a mechanist I believe...), so we could be an interesting group ^^ And working on it with someone else would be far more interesting and fun than working on it alone ^^
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NoahWolfrinHobbyist Photographer
2014 probably for me. I am unsure for 2013, but that would be could.
I manage to find so many stuff to make guns and other steam products.
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Perfect for me, gives me more time to think about it lol.
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NoahWolfrinHobbyist Photographer
So if I don't forget... 2014 is steampunk?

My list is going bigger XD.
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Theorically ya... But if you can't later on, no problem either, I mean, it's just a casual cosplay for me, just for the heck of it, nothing big worth wearing the saturday xD
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NoahWolfrinHobbyist Photographer
For me it will depends how much work I will put into the costume.
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Ya, well, I'll probably put a lot of work on it, but well, it's still an OC, I kinda prefer keeping my saturdays for 'real' characters ^^;
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Lunacy-IncHobbyist Artisan Crafter
We could have an amazing awesome group for the Steampunk if we get enough people!
NeferCosplay's avatar
Lol ya, but no saturday for me please! ^^;
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Lunacy-IncHobbyist Artisan Crafter
It'd probably be a Friday/Sunday thing. Possibly - we don't have a year set for it.
NeferCosplay's avatar
That's good then ^^
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Lunacy-IncHobbyist Artisan Crafter
We won't know what we'll do for 2013 until probably a month or so before or after next AN. I have a feeling it could be Kuroshitsuji.
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Don't forget...INUYASHA :p xD
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