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Journal Entry: Fri Sep 6, 2013, 10:09 PM
I got some stuff to say.

*cracks knuckles*

Commissions - Open by SweetDuke 

:iconcheckmarkplz:What I CAN draw:
Human characters, anthro characters, monster girls, animals, guns/weapons, bones, new character designs, NSFW art, couples, fanart, OCs, MLP ponies, comic pages, light gore, painted sceneries, reference sheets, multiple limbs, creature concepts, objects...etc etc. (It's rare when I am completely incapable of drawing something. If you're unsure, please ask me!)

:iconredxplz:What I WON'T draw:
Inflation, incest art, pedophilic art or ageplay, bigoted messages, physical or emotional abuse, characters that fetishize trans/intersex individuals.

  1. I only accept point commissions from mutual watchers.
  2. Despite this, I may take on the occasional point commission when I need a new DA subscription. (Ask me if they're open.)
  3. The list of what I won't draw is NON-NEGOTIABLE. 
  4. Commission specifics can all be figured out via Deviantart/Furaffinity note, or email.
  5. If, for any reason I don't feel comfortable doing your commission, I can refer you to several other artists who can complete your commission without any problems.
  6. I'm chronically ill. My art has no specific delivery date, as my health is very rocky and I don't know when and how long I can draw in a given day. Please be patient with me during the commission process.
  7. I plan on submitting all commissioned works to DA, unless you want the art to be private, or just don't want it online. Let me know in advance.

Means of Contact

In your note, please give me the following information:

Your nickname:
Type of commission:
Reference: (Just throw a picture link here of who/what you want drawn. I can work off of written descriptions, but only if it's specific.)
Additional information for the commission (What pose do you want your character in? Do you want a specific background? etc. etc. Don't be afraid to get specific, as long as it's reasonable!)
Total commission price (in $)

Don't forget to title the note "Commission" or "Commish", so I can reply to it as soon as possible.
There, we can discuss the commission more. Even if you're just curious about the pricing of one, throw me a line~

You can also email me at, but you'll get a much faster response by noting me on Deviantart, or messaging me on Furaffinity.…

During the process of working on your commission, I will give you a few previews. If you don't like the format of the drawing, let me know and I will gladly tweak what's needed.

Completion Dates:

Once I get the commission information and payment, I'll try to get started on it as soon as humanly possible. 

At the very very LATEST, your commission will be done within two months.

Of course if you need it done by a specific date for whatever reason, you can request it be done by a certain date. Just let me know when you need it by, and I will work hard to get it done before or on the date requested. (I do charge an extra $5.00 USD, as it does require me to work harder and faster than what I'm comfortable with.)

Commission Examples:

Teeny Weeny Myphy by Nefepants Teeny Weeny Breia by NefepantsAlways Juicy by NefepantsPMA Easter Cheeb by Nefepants

Sketch: $1.00 USD
Black and White: $2.00 USD
Flat color: $3.00 USD
Detailed color/ shading: $4.00 USD

(Additional character= $2.00 USD)


So cute. So very very cute by Nefepants
Expression Practice: Myphris by Nefepants

Sketch: $2.00 USD
Black and White: $3.00 USD
Flat color: $4.00 USD
Detailed color/ shading: $7.00 USD

(Additional character= $3.00 USD)


Half body:
Found a friend by NefepantsThe Revolution Will Not Be Televised by Nefepantstumblr neg94t9g4O1si39tfo1 500 by Nefepants

Sketch: $4.00 USD
Black and White: $6.00 USD
Flat color: $8.00 USD
Detailed color/ shading: $10.00 USD

(Additional character= $6.00 USD)



Enter Ibriz (Temporary ref) by Nefepants
The ol' smoke and stretch by Nefepants
Character Study 1 by Nefepants

Sketch: $7.00 USD
Black and White: $10.00 USD
Flat color: $15.00 USD
Detailed color/ shading: $20.00 USD

(Additional character= $9.00 USD)


Animations + moving icons:

Gdxklgdjkkjgr by Nefepants  PKMNation Summer Icon Entry by Nefepants 

Animated sketch: $6.00 USD per second
Black and white animation: $8.00 USD per second
Flat colored animation: $10.00 USD per second
Shaded animation: $15.00 USD per second

Animated icon: $5.00

(Additional character= $3.00 USD)


Reference sheets:
Reference Sheet: Laur by NefepantsSay hello to the space twins (Ref sheet) by Nefepants
Sodalite reference sheet by Nefepants

Basically a pick-and choose of the items listed.
The total price of reference sheets are priced based on the information above

(For example, the second reference sheet would cost $75 USD. [2 fullbodies+5 half bodies+4 headshots+3 chibis+formatting.] )

I charge an extra $3.00 USD for intricate formatting, detailed text and backgrounds.

Of course, text and background is completely optional. In your note, specify how you want the reference sheet laid out.)

The minimum amount of drawings for a reference sheet is 5.


Add a simple painted background for $5.00 USD)

All payments go here:

I will not start working until payment is at least partially received.

If I am unable to complete your paid commission for any reason (unexpected sickness, broken computer, severe art block), I will let you know immediately, and a full reimbursement will be given as well as an "I apologize, here's a free sketch for believing in me" consolation prize.




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CrunchitizeMeCaptain Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2015
Wow, nice art for really nice prices!
If I do one, would you want to be paid before or after?
Nefepants Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Preferably, I'd like to get paid before the commission is completed, but after I show you a sketch for approval. :o
Dubslider Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
so two characters would be 20?
(i'm probably gonna give you more than that because you charge way low u_u)
Nefepants Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Yepyep, 20 bucks mang. (sgjhkdfgjkdfg bby you dun gotta give me more fjkgdfghdflgjfgkklfdgk)

And IDK I'll probably adjust the pricing once I know there's a certain demand for my art but for now that's just the base. < u >
Dubslider Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Oh ok!
I'm proobably gonna ask for Adrian and Avenir or smth lmaooo
Nefepants Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
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