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Stole this from Miruae eve

(WARNING: This journal contains a lot of personal art bashing, self-loathing and pessimism. Reader discretion is advised, LOL)

When did you get into art?
Just like any little kid, I started drawing really young, just for the sake of drawing. But then, when I was around 10, my mom signed me up for all sorts of serious drawing classes. I soon lost interest in it when I turned 13, though, due to consistent illness. It was only until I joined DA at age 15, and started going to an art high school at age 16, where my love for art grew back, stronger than ever.

What art-related sites have you ever signed up for?
I signed up for anipan, but I neglect the shit out of it.

Show us your oldest piece of art you have on hand.

This was the first thing I ever drew. eve/

What defines your artistic style?
Aha.....absolute consistent fail, that's what. More specifically, a really pathetic attempt at drawing in a western-anime type of style. :iconlazepoolplz:

Do you practice other styles/have you tried other styles in the past?
I do traditional watercolors, mostly underwater landscapes, in a cartoony sort of style.
But I also really like drawing in other styles, since it's just really refreshing to do that! Especially Panty and Stocking style. It's just so wonderfully stylized. eve

What levels of artistic education have you had?
Two years in an art high school, and various drawing classes.

Show us at least one picture you drew or sketched recently that you did not put on a public site.

Haha no. TvT/

What is your favourite piece that you have done?

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised by Nefepants


FALL. APART. by Nefepants

What is your least favourite piece that you have done?
Go to my gallery. You see dem drawings there? Yeah, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

What do you like most about your art?
......................................................................................Sometimes I really like my character designs. But that's about it. Oh yeah, and my traditional watercolor works. They're actually not half bad. TvT

What do you like least about your art?
Rigid posing, repetitive posing/facial expressions, lack of variety in posing/facial expressions, arm anatomy, leg anatomy, hand anatomy, torso anatomy, shading, originality, backgrounds, lack of cleanliness in my art, and outfit design.

......Yep, I think I listed all the stuff I like the least about my art.

Have you ever considered taking commissions?
I've thought of it, but I genuinely don't think my art's good enough.

Are you looking to pursue a career in art?
Possibly as an illustrator, since that was my major. But that's a really small possibility. My confidence is too low to pursue it seriously, and I don't know if I can make it in the competitive art world.

What do you like drawing the most?
The thing I like drawing the most is males, and weird looking characters. Even though I suck at it.

What do you like drawing the least?
Pretty much everything when I have art block. But specifically, drawing something over and over again drives me nuts. I HATE repetition. I can't draw the exact same subject matter multiple times in a row, or else I'll just lose it.

Do you draw more fanart or original art? If fanart, what fandom do you draw the most of?
I draw quite a little bit of fanart… but I mostly draw OCs, and stuff for OCTs and DA rp groups.

When I DO draw fanart, it's usually pokemon. The rest of the fandoms I fanart for are totally random.

What would you absolutely refuse to draw?
Excessively large breasts (You know, the kind of breasts that are really damn popular on DA, where they hang past her hips, but they're still perky and round for absolutely NO reason?), and incest. That's the only subject matter past my comfort zone, since I have a really broad comfort zone ROFL.

What is your purpose for drawing?
It's just a sort of thing that I get frustrated with easily, but I absolutely have to do it in order to keep my sanity, and be happy. Also, I use it as a tool to cheer people up sometimes. ;V;

What medium/program do you use the most in your art?
Photoshop and SAI (but that's only occasionally.)

How would you rank your art? (poor, mediocre, good, etc.)
Poor. I tend to be a little bit lazy with lineart, coloring, and practicing anatomy, and my art is suffering for it.

Do you believe there is such thing as "bad art?"
Actually, not really. Since art's ultimate use in the world is to incite emotion in the people that see it. So if your art does that, then you've succeeded as an artist. |D

List at least one of your "artspirations."
My friends, both IRL and on DeviantArt, various colorful people I see on the subway, video games, and music.

What do you think you could stand to improve on?
Literally every aspect of my art. |D :iconotlplz:

Do you have a shameful art past? (recolour sprite comics, tracing art, etc.)
Hahahahaha, when I started out on DA, I traced a few pictures, because I literally had no clue how human anatomy worked, and I used it as an artistic crutch for a few months. Then, I said "Wait, this isn't helping me improve at all." So I stopped, and drew pictures 100% from scratch from then on out.

Draw a picture!

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September 13, 2012