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PMA: RP Tracker by Nefepants PMA: RP Tracker by Nefepants


Louis Bradford | Female | 26 years old | In a Committed Relationship | Porygon-Z Porygon-Z by SiegSkye

RP mediums: I don't mind DeviantArt notes/comments, but I prefer Skype. It's a bit more private, and there's no word limit lmao. Add me on mystery-sketch and let me know you're from Pokemon Amie. o u o 

Prompts: (These are just a few rp samples, but I'm up for any kind of rp mang


Bullet; Yellow - Meeting
Bullet; Blue - Friendly/friendship
Bullet; Pink - Silly/fluffy
Bullet; Red - Potentially romantic/ sexual (Might not ever use this one aha ;;)
Bullet; Orange - Potential conflict dialogue/battle
Bullet; Black - Depressing/Sad

Prompt 1: Hey she looks familiar  Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Blue

You see a young woman walking down the street. You know you've seen her face in a few magazines and newspapers lately. Do you approach her and say hi?

➤ Prompt 2: Waiter, one more round  Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Pink Bullet; Blue

After work, Louis decides to wind down with a few drinks. Her body language looks like she wouldn't mind having company.

➤ Prompt 3: So tired  Bullet; Orange Bullet; Black Bullet; Blue Bullet; Yellow

Louis has fallen asleep in the park after working non-stop for two days. It looks like it might rain soon too. Maybe you should nudge her awake or something.

➤ Prompt 4: Tech Repair  Bullet; Blue Bullet; Yellow

You've broken a precious gadget of yours, and hear from a friend about someone who can fix it for dirt cheap.

➤ Prompt 5: Playing Hookie (Has to already be friends with Louis) Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink
Today's a good day to skip work. Join the Porygon-Z on her unauthorized day off as she wanders town and avoids her manager's calls.

➤ Prompt 6: Glitching (Has to already be friends with Louis) Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink Bullet; Black Bullet; Orange

Louis has isolated herself in her apartment. Her programming glitches have been acting up lately and she hasn't been able to act like herself. She could really use a friend right now.

Current roleplays:
hatoful - Lunch time

Lou© meeeee

Art by Nefepants

Do not copy, edit, or redistribute, kthnx.

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February 26, 2014
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