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man of steel...

couple of hours.
this is what i call the "whatever-happens-brush-stroke"
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Amazing. Best one I've seen.
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It's rough and AWESOME!!!
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intense, gritty. i love it, well done.
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very artistic i think:)
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great job man thisis a awesome painting.i like how it has kind of a dark shadowy look.
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Awesome stuff as usual. Do you think you could make an evil Superman one of these days?
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i yipyip "ohhhhhhhh" that image and then *fav......ohhhhhhhhhhh
core-e's avatar
very kool supes. love the way you have rendered him.
Tristan-Despero's avatar
Great choice of style for this piece. Superman's always felt so polished to me, anytime you see hi, he just gives off this really clean-cut aura. You did a phenomenal job of going against type and giving the man a new feel. Great work!
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dude!!!sick "whatever happens brush stroke!"...hehehe...:D
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That's pretty good on a quick brushstrokes Dex. Great work =).
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the original super hero
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wow, that looks your style
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i love it. the negative space it what makes it so should experiment with it more
Kaiju-Borru-Zetto's avatar
It's a bird! It's a plane! No it's a man in blue tights wearing his underwear over them and wearing a red bedsheet :rofl:



It's SUPERMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! lol, very impressive work =D
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nice sketchy style! is there a collectors edition of this brush! ^^ me neeD!
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hulaan ko.. mouse lang to? :D
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