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spider suit concept

By nefar007
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quick doodle
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Tomolan's avatar
Nice...and different.
sa3l's avatar
i really like it
pushpenpro's avatar
A very mature look for him, looks great!
seu021's avatar
I love your work
I think you should call it the 'I've been stabbed multiple times and now I'm bleeding from everywhere'

suit ;) But seriously, its amazing. There's that feeling of depth on him...
theartguy15's avatar
not kidding, this is literally the best spidey suit i've ever seen ,cheers!
OranButtons's avatar
... This was you.... I saw this last year on a dungeons and dragons forum on a thread about making a Spiderman character. This pic was used on the character profile and I liked it then as I like it now finding it again
oragamiknight's avatar
this has to be my favourite spiderman art ^^ :D 
Hugovrb's avatar
Oh man, I've been looking through your work and it all looks really neat. 
I love the pose. 
I love this. Kinda makes me think that this is what Parker would have looked like if he had had complete control over the symbiote.
Nightphoenix2's avatar
Exactly, concept. I think the same thing. I didn't see it that way until you put it like that. It does look like he has complete control over a new venom-like carnage. That or he has become completely one with it. It actually has a psychedelic asian feel to it, where its able to let its imagination run while in despair and chaos. 
VoRuVa's avatar
this is freaking awesome :)
mbzflame's avatar
Very cool... a good reinterpretation about spider man. Like a Japan hero, a little bit mutant and a little bit demoniac
blueeyesaf's avatar
Simply spectacular.
AlertedRapierImp19's avatar
Luv this. Its dark, edgy, and badass.
Techro-Raj's avatar
beautiful, btw what program do u use?
Gnutattoo's avatar
SPIDER best suit I've ever seen...
KazuAC's avatar
Oh! That's nice! I like that costume.
KingdomZero99's avatar
This is very good, but it does remind me of Dead Space.
LewisTillett's avatar
I really do love this one!
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