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ms captain marvel

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WOW so beautiful!!!!

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I hope we get to see that original suit at some point in the movies, granted it's a tough one to pull off on screen, but I love it, but I do love the new one as well, no reason they can't have both.
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I love it, it shows the transition from Ms. to captain, i really like the old black leotard with lightning bolt better than the new one ( judge me if you will), but the new uniform looks far more comfortable and badass, cant wait for her movie!
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This is good but why don't you do a better version of this one only. I would love to see it.
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her new change like a warrior,not a girl
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I like the change; surely it's done mentally, since she can change her costume at will.
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Don't really know much about  Ms Captain Marvel but this image peaks my interest and makes me want to read more.

excellent image
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Carol at her best! Splendid! I love it! *____*
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This is going to be my next tattoo. I wanted one of Ms. Marvel and then Captain Marvel showed up and I wanted one of her too. You made it so much easier and more beautiful so I can get everything I want!
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your art is beyond amazing
Totally crushing on the revamp of this character! Such an awesome job you've done with the art etc! I work PT in a comic store and recommend this title to everyone I can!!
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One of my favorite characters and you made her look even more Awesome!
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God damn O.O
It's amazing !
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If Marvel is reading this, they need to realize that we readers need a Dexter Soy cover. This image is a proof!
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