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Great Spidey ! o.O
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This is a pretty badass Spider-Man you've got here. Love the use of red and black for the color scheme, and him being in the center of his own web. Great job.
PMThompson's avatar
Dig the color effects with this one.
Technocron01x's avatar
Can I use this as a cover image for a fanfic?
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sick work!!, looks like hes ready to pounce on a mofo lol
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 this looks great
Spidey trapped in his own web...
Ankhu's avatar
Looks great Dex! How ya been?
King1cheetah's avatar
Amazing art pic 
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spider man looks boss!! nice work!
asemharun's avatar
holy crap you\re so awesome!
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that looked awesome
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Bad-ass :D Very nice Spidey-pic :nod:
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Cool Spidey pic.
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Very cool piece, Nefar!
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this is really nice. have you tried doing a black suit version?
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Owww man... That's a stunning work !!
AlonsoEspinoza's avatar
Great...! Very cool, man! desktop version? :p
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