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Arno Breker
02b119667aac754d53d5f7ed90b5a5986cd5151c8bbb587c83a592afd8abb4c9, Pol, 8Ch.

Interesting statements. Sadly, no links.

Still, that is what the internationalist oligarchy wants today, a populace that is apathetic, meek, submissive, pacified, spineless and not much in the way of physical health. Hence why there is such thing as "body positivity". No coincidences.
4d1ab7ad03ac8361e335cabf001f76b45be8e5b2f7ff850a1e5600bf9f823f21, Pol, 8Ch.

Other countries needs to follow this example. -)

The casseurs (breakers) are indeed filthy antifas and racailles are causing troubles, allowing the Macrotte regime and its lapdog medias to blame the yellow vests protesters.…

Police in civilian cloths.…
The mainstream medias might just have censored the death of a yellow vest protester when he had raised hands.… Revolution? No. Not yet.… Yet the dominos might start falling in not so long.…
5bde6998fc7635434cd9a6617f218e784305807d6b665a7ceb2f4f2c96ccd37c, Pol, 8ch.

Long since last MoonMan posting. Must find Mod if any. Did I post it already?
Nasa tricks
0740bc73004c128c2e746be223af081813ca9aff2a4020f2f529b3001646ce78, Pol, 8Ch.

Found this one, will look further into it.


Suckle ur ass
Neetsfagging322297, because neets are faggin´ hardcore. Generation x is the x between the butt-cheeks. Twilight for girltards and Scott Pilgrim for boytards, the western world face an orgy of epic faggotry and dullness, the failapocalypse has begun.
Soon diseases blobs of flesh will escape the basements, forme ever greater masses of fail and aids, rivers of excrements fooling the streets in the name of sickeningly humanitarian emotions. The world is threatened of collapsing in its own butthole.

What else?
I think the Big Bang is false, it is not science at this point but has become a religion of some sort and here are a few simple points why that is the case.

If an object physically moves away or toward the observer, their speed is subtracted or added to the energy that the light that they emits have. Redshift if it is going away from the observer and blueshift if it comes toward the observer. The redshift of galaxies is used as evidence for the Big Bang.
That would not be the case if space itself expanded, however. There would (theoretically at least) be no energy subtracted or added to the photon as a result of it, the photons would just have a greater distance to travel (and over a wider area).
Read a while ago (must have been during in the 00s) that Hubble, the discoverer of galactic redshift, believed there was another explanation for the redshift of galaxies beside increasing distance but the mainstream doesn’t say that. Doesn´t even say what other theories there were at the time.

The next point is the solar system, why aren´t the planets moving away from the sun or even moons moving away from Jupiter and Saturn? The expansion is supposedly accelerating too, so the process would have been even faster in the last 4 billions to 4.66 billions years or so.
Since their orbital speed would not be slowed down to compensate for that, this would result in even wider orbits. If Venus was instantly moved to the nearest point of Earth´s orbit for example, its higher speed would then send it even further than Mars´s orbit (Universe Sandbox 2).

Yet I sure haven´t seen explanations like This is the stabilizing process that prevents the Big Bang from widening the solar system like a giant goatse. They can´t use the dark matter excuse for this one or even come up with an excuse now, because people would then ask, how the hell didn´t they think about it over half a century ago? -D


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