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Anyone know a site or program I can use to create an Earth map using different polar coordinates? It's for a map game :P
I know it's been a long time since I've been active here, but I've hopefully found a way back into it... KCammy's map game has re-enthused my creativity! To this end, I've formed a group at mundus-aedificantes.deviantart… for the collection of and collaboration on map games and other world building projects :)
Oh christ has it really been four months since I did anything interesting here?!

Someone help me!
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Hey folks, hope all is well out in your parts of the world.

Just a quick update; I know it's been a while since I posted anything much, I'm blaming it on a combination of 6-day weeks plus a lack of focus -_-' I've been working on a few different projects, including my Permian World, my ISOT timeline Wide New World, and a follow up for Golden Age set in the mid-24th century. I've also been writing out notes for other stuff, including Hastings, Gateways, and Clay, and writing La Papillon... now hopefully you see why I haven't actually posted anything complete for a while... :D lol

Also can anyone who plays Europa Unversalis 3 recommend any ways to play succesfully as the Byzantines or any of the north African factions?

*Remembering the honoured dead 11/11/11*
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Anyone out there ever played Freelancer...?
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Hey, hope you're all well out there :)

Just checking in to say not to expect much, if anything, out of me for the next week, for I am off to (hopefully) sunnier climes!

Peace :)

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Oh God, why have I begun to envision Hetalia versions of some of my alt-history nations...
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Hey all, hope you're all good out there in the wide world, wherever you may be.

Firstly, I got to apologise for my pretty much total absenteeism lately - I've had a half dozen journals I want to comment on, a bunch of faves and fave-replies, and a handful of comments which I've still to reply to; if you're one of those, my apologies :D I can only blame circumstance and lack of free temporal units...

Secondly, I've got a good few projects on the burners it seems (when I can find the time), but none is standing out in my mind at the moment; I'm following up on Hastingsworld, Gateways, AND Golden Age when I can, and I've begun work on two new worlds; Neanderworld, where more than one species of humanity survives the ice age, and The Great Dying, a world set over 250 million years ago, following the fate of an intelligent species during the Permian-Triassic extinction event, when 96% of marine species and 70% of land vertebrates died out. I'm not sure how far I'll get with these two projects, but I'm hoping to find some inspiration for them to keep me going :D

Give peas a chance,
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I'm officially 23 now :) Can't say I've really noticed the difference, but there you go :D

I need hand, people; I need five modern nations/states for an little short project; you can suggest a max of three! Get to it! :D
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What a damn miserable day it is out there; rain, wind, and the houses across the road are being torn down in a wonderful reminder of entropy :P that said, it could be worse - hope no one has been hit by the tornadoes out in the states, my thoughts go out to you if you've been affected.

Well, my last journal was apparently a success, and I was surprised to see how many of you play Nationstates :) Now, anyone else considered creating us a region...? ;)

I've been having a rejigging of the Gateways timeline, and I've come to the conclusion that it's not radical and interesting enough; the alternate technology is one thing, but so far I've been running it with a pretty much 1980's culture in mind, and I don't think its different enough from our own world to keep MY interest, let alone anyone elses :P with that in mind, I've decided to make it much more extreme; slavery, execution, disenfranchisement, racial and sexual stereotyping and segregation, and caste-structured colonial society... how does it sound folks? :D
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Hey there folks, hope you're all doing well :)

Who out there plays Nationstates...?

That is all...
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So, I'm developing ideas for a side-project, where I'm creating an alternate future where Britain got to the Moon first :)

At least that's the loose tagline to draw you, my Watchers, in; what I'm really doing is creating a humankind of the late 22nd century, where factional politics and run-away economics dominate a fractured space-faring society where alien species are met by a delegation of four humans - a Brit, a Yank, a Ruskie, and a Chinaman ;)
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Well, this is, shamefully, my first journal this year - February already?! :O

How's everyone doing out in the wild? I'm certainly doing well, work is fine and homelife is as great as ever :) My only trouble at the moment seems to be an interminable creative block - a million things seem to be going through my mind, but I can't seem to commit any of them to text or pixels. I've been trying to write up descriptions of the four main factions in Golden Age as promised, but I just can't find the words - it took me a good ten minutes just to think of a quote to start the description with >_<
At any rate, I will be soldiering on with it when I can, and I promise I'm not holding anything back!

Gaming news, I've been playing a new 'un to tide me over; Greed Corp. Avaliable on Steam, it's a cheap but fun turn-based strat, based on a hex-grid map. Hexes can be captured, and each hex has a "level" which can be reduced by mining or blasting with cannons - if a hex reaches zero, it collapses away into the ether. It can turn into a fun meat grinder of a game, and can be played online :) If any of you have/get it, give me a shout and I'll face you on the hexes...

That's all for now,
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Hey all,

As you may have guessed, I have come in from the cold (literally and metaphorically) and I finally have internet back!

All's going well over here, although I can't wait for some time off work over christmas... I enjoy the place, but my it's getting tiring, and certain people there ain't helping... you all doing fine out there in the wilderness?

I'm still working away at Golden Age, I'm writing up a list of the factions extant after the Solar War, although like all writing it's taking me a while :P

Oh, also, I'd like to spread the word... the word of From Dust

That's all for now, just checking in with the dA world :)
C ya soon,
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Hey all, hope you're well,

Some of you might've noticed my recent inactivity, this is due to a move of house :D I'm very much enjoying living in the new place with the girlfriend, although we're still living out of boxes for now, and I'm lacking in internets (I'm at the parent's place just now).

To that end, I will probably be effectively away until at least the end of the month, unless Sky can get their arses in gear any sooner, so if I don't reply to your comment or a Note please don't take any offence - I'm not ignoring you :D


I will be giving full administrator controls to Lamnay and Wyrmshadow for at least the duration of my absence, so they can continue to allow new memberships and new submitions :) please direct any queries to one of these fine gentlemen and I'm sure they'll get back to you while I can't.

Thats about all :) be assured that I'm still working on various projects when I get the time, between work and settling in to the new place. I'll post up a new journal upon my active return.

Until then :)
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I've had a thought regarding Golden Age... I think I'm going to end the world...

I'm rewritting the scenario I've developed for the Solar War, and I'm starting to think that the best option, storywise, is to destroy the Earth (it's inhabitants at least) at the height of the war, during the tumultuous chaos of those days when bloodshed and destruction reigned from the blasted escarpments of Mercury to the frigid Outer Reaches of the Kuiper Belt. The exact method of such destruction is as yet elluding me; I'm thinking either gene-engineered plague sending millions fleeing and dying, or a much more devestating version of the Rostok Disaster, but either way I'll probably be ending Earth's legacy in fire and destruction!

As well as allowing me to progress the story more quickly to the extrasolar level, it'll also give me the opportunity to move the power base of the world from Earth - expect the Alliance to relocate to Mars, the Coalition to flee for the outer system, the Union to move in to graze the Sun, and the Conglomerate to be based on the Moon instead!

Any objections to the death of our world? :)

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Hey all, hope all goes well...

My New World project (my ASB timeline I mentioned in my last journal…) is coming along slowly - I've realised just how hard it is to realistically populate a nearly empty Earth using only three extant and modern real-world nations >_< It's a lot harder than it might first seem to get something that looks and feels "right", and also which isn't just following patterns of previous colonisation. Half my problem is my national choices; France, Britain, and Spain, the world's three biggest fomer colonial powers, makes it almost impossible to design a "new" colonial plan, one which doesn't just mirror our own timeline, but with airplanes and satellites. I'm actually beginning to consider junking the entire thing and starting again, using different nations... any suggestions? Give me a dynamic group of three you'd like to see used :)

I've finished reading Ark by Stephen Baxter recently, and it's my latest recomendation; set in a future where the entire Earth faces the sort of flooding that only God or Kevin Costner could imagine, it follows the story of "Ark One", a spacecraft built with superluminal engines to enable a small chunk of humanity to flee our dying world to find a new home. The characters are deep, the setting rich, and it's not afraid to go into detail of the darker side of a dark time...

Golden Age is pretty much stagnated at the moment, unfortunately; I've got a lot in the works for it, but I'm sort of shelving it until inspiration strikes again. Unlike Electronic Arts or Microsoft, I'd rather take my time and publish a fully developed project that I feel confident and happy with, rather than rush and it not be satisfying, or have to retroact large chunks of lore or story later on ;)

Good hunting,
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Hey all, hope you're well,

Looking forward to a nice chilled out weekend :)

I'm working on Golden Age slowly, but I've been thinking about a few other bits and bobs lately... I've begun work on an ASB timeline about Great Britain, France, Spain, and maybe a couple of other nations being transported, lock stock and all, to an empty Earth where humankind never evolved... I'm not quite sure what to call it just yet, but it'll be set a number of decades later, showing the world after these nations have resettled and begun to populate this brave, new, (empty) world.

Oo, something to check out if you've got 6 minutes and 31 seconds:…

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Hey all, hope you're doing well out there in the deep dark internets...

My vague apologies for lack of recent works, besides my one-off posting in the form of the Anglian-Alliance flag; while I've been doing well on creativity and energy, I've hit a lack of direction. My Golden Age timeline is horribly complex now, and most of my efforts seem to end up focused on writing of short stories and annexes for it - I'm currently writing a piece about the Extranet, the solar system-wide version of the Internet invented in the latter half of the 21st century, and a short story called The Kings of Mercury, about the rise and fall of the Tollan Kingdom.

When I find some time and energy for the Main Series of Golden Age maps, I'm working on a map set after the Solar War (2160-2172AD), probably around 2178/80 after the reconstruction and reconsolidation has begun in earnest. Notable features will include the devestated band across Asia created by the breakup of the Rostok mining facility, the Cursed Lands which fell to the New Plague e-virus, and the emergence of a new and powerful faction - The Conglomerate...

That's all for now, have fun and live free folks - or the Golden Age will get ya...

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