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East India Company - flag



The flag of the East India Company, from the alternate history of the Pirates of the Caribbean universe. This flag effectively functioned as the civilian and national flag, flown at the ports and on land owned fully by the company. The EIC seems to have been considerably more powerful and independant in the PotC univerese than in our own, with far more influence both in the far east and the West Indies, and this is represented in the flag; rather than a design incorporating a Union Flag, this flag shows the companies initials, divided clockwise by three crosses, which I would interpret as the companies spreading it's christian values in all directions. A slick piece of propaganda, of course, if you know the story of the company from the film and history... ;)
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Actually, the EITC has two flags in the POTC universe. The blue one with the Company logo (which is completely fictional), and the historical one ( [link] ) which can be seen briefly in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.