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It was very hard for me to submit this... But this is exactly what I feel like. Naked and alone.
It's not my intention to expose myself, I just want to express myself.. Since I can't do it with words. I hope you understand..

Thank you Painkiller
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So this is where the photo came from. God bless. Take care.

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There is something about this picture which I loved ever since I saw it.
It was meant to express pain, distress, loneliness and lack of inner peace and the asymmetric composition plays a great part in that. The faded sepia tones look so sad and the contrast between the left, darker part and the white right one works very well in order to keep the watcher looking in anguish and hopelessness.
The quality might not be the best ever but still this is a wonderful picture which portrays such intense an emotion.

This work of art has all the strenght of visual impact coupled with the uniqueness of evanescent memories.
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wow this is all over the web, it was so hard to find the source. Its great! I saw this pic in poor b&w quality on Dead Can Dance video ;)  

good job! love this work
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Beautiful artistry! :heart:
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lovely...and do not be are not alone in your loneliness...we're all alone...until we reach out to express well :)
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When we are totally nude we are defenseless and all alone. We began to full a shame of the imperfections our body and soul brings out. Once we acknowledge to ourselves and once we let go we feel different for we are truly free. I feel this way every time I have surgery. This is an excellent photograph showing emotion how one may feel any day.
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very beautiful! the soft lines and broken-hearted pose are soul touching
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I love this. i so understand. but... why naked?
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Nakedness represents vulnerability.
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oh oh oh oh. I get it!
I think we all feel like this sometimes. and right now it is my turn. I feel I am looking at myself right now (except that you are much more beautiful, and female).
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Just beautiful, this image speaks so loud and softly at the same time.
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neeta, grant me to publish this picture in my fan page. your credit will be included. usually i publish an image/photo with my poems under them. may i?
You did an excellent job conveying feelings of aloneness and nakedness, this feeling of being exposed. It struck a nerve with me, especially since I'm going through an emotional upheaval.

Oft times it is difficult to put into pictorial form or into written word emotions felt. Most images created are the 'settle-for' because they did not truly express what the creative artist wanted.

This probably is about as close as you can get to the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that Eve, and Adam, were experiencing after learning more than what they could handle, that overwhelming feeling of helplessness, aloneness, (true) nakedness.
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Still absolutely gorgeous.
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think this'll be my new desktop wallpaper for awhile
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Expressing those things that choke you up when you try to speak them is what the visual arts is all about. Really beautiful portrait. Great job. :-)
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Beautiful photograph of a beautiful girl. Change comes eventually...just wait
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