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Turian Collar

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Ah the mortal enemy. lol

Well I used a simple wire base (coat hangers) to shape the upholstery foam correctly. I made a template using my body dummy and painters tape to get the desired shape. then transferred it to a card stock template and did some heavy modifying there. It's made up of two pieces, front and back and hot glued together.

I draped a really nice fabric over it and basically tucked it into itself sometimes I'll tuck the front extra into my shirt or jacket.
I tape the extra wire hanging out of the bottom of the back piece to my back to hold the shape better. Also I have a velcro strap that wraps around to help.

It still is a real pain because I have to rebend some of the wire to keep it from sticking out awkwardly.

Hope that helped for some of you. ^^

Mask Tutorial here: [link]
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planning to make one myself!  using this as a guide, thank the for sharing it!
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This is very good tutorial. If it is okay, I am posting this over on my tumblr blog. I am more than happy to remove them at your request or should you have an account there already.…
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sorry for the threadomancy, just 2 quicky questions:
this is just your regular soft foam you can buy cheap right?
and say i would like to give it an armored look, could i paper-mache over it? or would it absorb the glue to much?
anyway, thanks for the inspiration!
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Not a problem! Ask away! ^^

Yes! Cheap white upholstery foam from Hobby Lobby. Honestly I have no clue about the paper-mache. The foam sheet was pretty in expensive and I say buy two and experiment with one and see how it goes. Sorry I couldn't be of more help on that. ^^;

I know when I get around to building Aya's armour it will probably be out of EVA foam and the collar will be made out of that as well. Hope that help a little. 
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What do you do with it? Not sure what it is.
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It's to give the illusion of a Turian collar for a cosplay. ^^
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FFSKFJS FL -EVEN MORE LOVE- :love: :heart:
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Aw thank you!! ^^
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