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I've finally finished building my website ( albeit with a few minor details remaining)!
Have a look, I'd really appreciate the feedback.

I've been featured on Wacom India's facebook Page and I speak briefly about wacom and its impact on my art.
My tablet has genuinely been the single most important tool in advancing my digital art career and its definitely an extension of my right arm now (the pen not the tablet itself,that would be awkward).:D

You can read the note on their facebook page here
INPRNT is offering free worldwide shipping till Sunday.So,have a look see and pick up something you like.
My store -…

I've put up some of my work for purchase on Society 6.There are art prints,phone and tablet cases available.More will be up soon.If there is any of my work you'd like to see up there (except fan art of course) feel free to let me know.

My Store is here -
I've setup a print gallery over at InPRNT.If you'd like high quality prints of my work check…

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After missing out on last year,I've managed to get my work into Ballistic publishing's EXPOSÉ 11.This is the artwork that is featured in the 'Warriors And Conflict' sectionEnd All by NeerajMenon

The book is available for preview…

Funnily enough, I was asked by Creative Gaga Magazine(India) to do a tutorial on the very same piece.I talk about using custom brushes to make simple details and patterns,and also my workflow,going from sketch to final illustration.You can preview the issue here… and buy the online version here…

Issue #0 of The Protectors,a comic I'm working on with Israel Idonije,Ron Marz and Bart Sears,is now available for purchase on the Athleta Comics Store Issue#0 contains the entire "Seeds" prequel story, a first look at pages from issue #1, complete character bios, and exclusive interviews with creator Israel Idonije, writer Ron Marz and artist Bart Sears.
The "Seeds" prequel story can also be read on the site here…

Let me know if you guys check out any of the above!:)
The Protectors webcomic is up in its entirety now.Do have a look and let me know what you think of…

Created by Israel Idonije
Written By Ron Marz
Pencils By Bart Sears
Inks by Mark Pennington
Colors by Me.

Athleta Comics on Facebook.
Athleta Comics onTwitter.
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The protectors is a comic book series I'm currently coloring.It's based on an idea by Chicago Bears defensive lineman Israel Idonije,for his comic imprint Athleta Comics.Writer Ron Marz and artist Bart Sears are bringing the story to life in a comic book series called the 'Protectors'.The comic is scheduled to launch at The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2),this April

The comic will be introduced through a free webcomic series,with daily updates,which you can read here.

Athleta Comics on Facebook.

Athleta Comics onTwitter.
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I got featured in the reader's FXpose section!And they very kindly gave me 2 pages.Feels so great to be in the company of such great artists in a book I've been reading for so long!

Do let me know if any of you happen to pick it up.:D
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My posts here have been sporadic the past few months.But my comic projects are finally seeing release.

A teaser for the Hyderabad graphic novel project has just been released,which you can see here…

Also,the Graphic novel for Agent Vinod,a spy-thriller bollywood film was announced today and will see release next week.Can't wait to share my work from that.
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So I've finally uploaded some of my favorite pages from a project I did for Disney,India early this year.
It was a 75 page graphic novel Titled 'Once upon a warrior' and was based on the Telegu movie 'Anaganaga O Dheerudu' written and directed by Prakash Kovelamudi.

The book was colored in a simple style and a muted color palette.Totally out of my comfort zone.But Saumin Patel ,who was the artist  on the project,very patiently suggested his own corrections and feedback throughout the project.And I can happily say these pages are the best I've done so far.

I've learned a ton about bringing the key elements of the panel into focus and how to use value to separate foregound,middleground and background.My color picking is still very iffy and I need to work a lot on that front.I hope I get better as I go.

Here's a link to the page… are pretty much in sequence so click on 'Next' to move ahead.

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In an attempt to get our brains working again,:iconxanthousis: and I have started a blog called Zeroing Down.

Here,we attempt to make simple,yet kickass posters of the movies and TV-shows we love.
Have a look, and let both of us know what you think of them.We will keep adding to them as long as we stay inspired :P

Here it is-
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Youll see a lot in the coming weeks.Im trying to save paper and paint by Painting/sketching entirely digitally.(yeah right)

Member of

:iconcomichouse: :icondcu-club: :iconcomicartistsunite: :iconbatman-forever:
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Im will be working on a comic of my own over the next few weeks.
Its going to feature Downforce-a charcter I created recently and felt I should take forward.

Ill be doing it exclusively in inks to bring out a high level of detail.

Expect to see it here soon.
Wish me luck!
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Trying to do some serious work for my portfolio.
So my deviant submissions may come once in a while.

I hope the hard work and better quality will come forth.