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By NeerajMenon
Pencils by :icongordotote:[link]

inked and colored by me.

please critique . full view before you do!

here are the links to the inks.[link]
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© 2007 - 2021 NeerajMenon
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I like this artwork a lot

can i order a high res art print in A0 size to frame up ?
please advice.. thanks a million !

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Hi!Thanks so much!

Unfortunately since I don't own the art,and because it is fan art,I'm not allowed to sell it.
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Ok thanks for your reply..
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Amazing! Your sense of color and shading are what really pull this together.
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Thanks so much!!This was done so long ago,I'd like to think I've improved a bit since then.:)
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WOW Wolverine has big muscles BADASS!!!!!!!
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Looks great! Awesome work! :D
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the colours are really something :)
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man you are good with colours!!
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Epic work here! I love the background and the coloring is superb! :D
DAMN that is amazing.. great work!! Keep 'em coming!
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I really took the time to savor the detail in this peice. The only thing I would suggest is the vein detail in his left bicep. It should be more off centered and overlap into his arm more..but overall, very good lighting composition and nice line work, good strong anatomy and a unique touch to it! Excellent job!!!
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Thank you very much for the critique!

This art is almost 2 years old now,so I will let these little things on.Just to remind me how I've improved.:)
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Critique, you say? :3
Nice job on the background metal details, they look as they should.
However, Wolvie looks too bright and saturated. To make him fit with the moodier, darker, less well-lit background, I'd lower the saturation on his costume and make the light source less bright. Just to make him part of the atmosphere.
His claws look a bit too white; I'd add some metallic reflections on them. (diagonal shaded lines, like on a sword).
However, this is great work otherwise. :3
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Thanks a lot for the critique.I agree completely with what you say.

This was done a long time back.Back then all I wanted with this piece was to make wolverine pop.The pencils reminded me of Humberto Ramos's lines in Wolverine vendetta.So I tried coloring them in a similar bright and cheery way.:)
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Ah I see. :D
Cool cool.
Well, keep up the good work. ;)
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This is fantastic!
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Excellent job on the ink and coloring.:D
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Holy Crap Dude, this is Awesome :nod:
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