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Welcome to Elena's Golem Workshop. This is where you can turn the materials that you've collected into awesome golems!

The following golems are currently available for adoption:

[Open] Golem 032: Breezy Oasis by neeproject [Open] Golem 043: Gentle Lily by neeproject [Open] Golem 044: Blue Shadow by neeproject [Open] Golem 046: Blue Star by neeproject [Open] Golem 047: Blue Snow by neeproject [Open] Golem 048: Blue Tea by neeproject [Open] Golem 050: Cheerful Snowflake by neeproject [Open] Golem 051: Autumn Sky by neeproject [Open] Golem 052: Wild Berries by neeproject [Closed] Golem 053: Bluethroat by neeproject

The following golems have been crafted:

To adopt the golems listed in this page, you will need to gather the required materials. Simply comment on this post with the form below and the golem is yours at no charge at all! As these golems are adoptables, naturally they are awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis; the first person who completes the set and turns it in gets them.

The golem you wish to craft:
The items you are turning in:
Inventory link:

Your comment must specify the item codes that we have given you. Failure to quote the correct item code will result in the denial of your request, so if you have traded with someone to obtain a particular item, please make sure that you have retrieved the item codes from them as well. Please make sure that your item codes are written continuously, separated by commas, as such: itemname000001, itemname000002, itemname000003.

As a bonus and to help you with your next golem, the twins will award three random items for every normal golem, and 2 random items for every pocket golem!

If you have won a Workshop Coupon from the Release Bonus or other activities, we will give you an extra 2 random items in addition to the rewards above. Simply indicate that you would like to use the ticket in your comment. Each ticket is only valid for use once.

The .zip file of the golem that you have crafted will be sent to you through dA's Note. Your .zip file will/should contain:
a) the full-sized, transparent image of the golem that you have crafted;
b) a textless image of your golem as a card;
c) an icon crop of your golem;
d) a Crafted badge for you to put up on your Inventory post;
e) a Readme file reminding you of the Terms of Usage for your golem.

Please let us know if any of the above are missing from your .zip file.

Thank you for using Elena's Workshop and congratulations on your new golem! We hope you'll do great things with them!

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Name: Noosey
The golem you wish to craft: Ruby Slime
The items you are turning in:

ruby3207115, ruby3207183, ruby3207318, ruby3207319, ruby3207320, ruby3207228, ruby3207327, ruby3207258, ruby3207282, ruby2004414, ruby2090259, ruby2090678, ruby2090264, ruby3005843, ruby2091397, ruby2091197, ruby2091187, ruby2091475, ruby2091486, autumnepitaph270106

Inventory Link: sta.sh/022ifwbphs60

Heading to the airport to leave Japan in 10 minutes. Hopefully this will all go smooth and I'll have a pleasant gift waiting for me when I settle in. 
Aside from that, thank you to all the meisters who exchanged items on my behalf in the gatcha.