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[Closed] Golem 030: Forest Seer

By neeproject
Name: Forest Seer
Attribute: Autumn
“An embodiment of the old forest spirits, the Forest Seer will invoke the spirits of the trees to clear a path for their Meister."

Text Codes:…
Artist: DejiNyucu

This adoptable can only be earned by collecting all of the required materials, and then cashing them in at Nicola and Nicholie's Golem Workshop. Materials can be earned by spinning Nagi's Material Gacha.

EDIT: This golem has been crafted by Rainbow-Mystique
CraftedForestSeer by golemmeisteradopts
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The Mesiter that crafts this golem will get an extra sketch of him from me! <3
Rainbow-Mystique's avatar
Emg reaaallllyy~?! I'm Jade from your Patreon so I'm chugging full steam ahead in trying to get my hands on this precious man~! :dance:
DejiNyucu's avatar
woooot!!! Best luck getting him, Jade >o<!!! I'll be cheering for you \^o^/
Rainbow-Mystique's avatar
Damnit, I'd really like this golem, but I only recently discovered your page a few days ago through Deji, so I have no common items (or any items for that matter) from other golem purchases. T_T

That is, if I'm understanding the system right. Correct me if I'm wrong~
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HELLO TRAVELLER and you have a discerning eye! Deji's Forest Seer is super high quality, the full resolution brings tears to my eyes. Items are actually not acquired through golem purchases but rather gacha purchases like this one that's still running! I don't know a single meister who has ever acquired all the items that they need just from gacha purchases though -- typically, meisters (buyers) would need to trade with each other before cashing the items in at the Golem Workshop. For this reason meisters congratulate and thank each other in the comments because it's a bit like a collaborative effort. xD";;

I think it's still possible to acquire the Seer with some effort! AFAIK there's a surplus of things like Poplar or the Dew Vessel in other meisters' trade piles!
Rainbow-Mystique's avatar
Thank you for your kind words and prompt response. :D

Just one more question. I was going to get my first gacha once I am accepted through the registry, but how do you handle payment? More importantly, what currency do you guys take?

Thank you and I look forward to eventually becoming part of the family~! 
neeproject's avatar
Wow, thanks for the interest! :D All of our prices are in USD, with optional Paypal fees -- though if you do bear them, we'll take it as a gracious tip. (^_^) These days, meisters buying gacha spins send the required amount to our Paypal immediately (e.g. $15 for 10 spins) and then comment on the post with how many spins they are purchasing. Once we have confirmed that the money's gone through (which only takes minutes), we issue the items immediately as a reply to your comment, and Note you the item codes privately. (Our paypal address is [ ].)

I think you might be interested in taking a look at our monthly release post too! Monthly releases are when we post asset updates and important announcements. If you have any other questions, let me or any of the other members know -- I am sure they're more than happy to help since everyone was a beginner once! xD
Rainbow-Mystique's avatar
I was just reading the monthly release actually and feel like I joined at just the wrong time, but no matter! :XD:

For the fees with PayPal, would you mind if I processed my payment under "family and friends" instead of "goods and services"? I reside in Australia where our dollar is pretty low compared to the US, so for me $15 becomes $20. Adding to that the PayPal fee that can vary anywhere between $2 and $5, that will add extra expense on my end and in turn effect how much I can give to you guys. :( So in doing "family and friends" this gets rid of the PayPal fee, but if you're not comfortable with that it's fine.

Just a suggestion regardless~. Thought it might make it easier. :)
neeproject's avatar
Please don't worry about Paypal fees! xD It really is just a bonus to us. Most of our members don't bother about Paypal fees after one or two payments and we don't chase them for it because the fees are really a seller's responsibility! I read somewhere that Paypal has a sixth sense and can sniff out cheating when it happens, so just to be safe, we'd strongly prefer it if you checked the Goods and Services box and let us handle the rest. I appreciate the thought very much though, it's awfully sweet of you. (*w*)b

And... yeah... there are so many things for us to do for the next release h-haha /sobs grossly
Rainbow-Mystique's avatar
Okay, that's fine! I was recently commissioning an artist and she requested for me to tick "family and friends" to avoid the fees (since really all the fees do is cover Buyer and Seller Protection) and I was concerned too, but you're welcome for the thought! :)

Then, without further ado, expect a payment within the hour~ I hope Lady Luck is on my side. >w<

Good luck with all you have to do. Try not to stress yourselves. ^^
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