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Flaming Winamp

By neelava
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here's an update [ i guess u like it ]
hope 2 present u some more soon .. .

c ya . . keep loving
© 2004 - 2021 neelava
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Best Winamp icon for all times ..Exellent very very nice .....
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OMG Best icon ever for all time ...exellent
tnx man this is the best.....
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thanks mate i like it.... hehehehe
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Wish you could replace the default with this.

Default looks win98 dated :(

This on the other hand!
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I'm downloading it!
Beautiful! :D
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Best unique Winamp icon ever. Keep it up!
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awesome dude..
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Amazing! Could I use this on my new Winamp skin?
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sure. . i'll be glad. .
just put a thanks link to the icon.

thank you
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Youre crazy!!!!!
Where the hell do you get such good ideas from?????
this is amazing!
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thank you.
but i'm truly getting crazy.. .
ha ha ha ha . . .
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i like it its the best icon for winamp, thanks :D
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awsome icons...thanks
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lol thanks 2 u
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Love it! (I like the glow, too)
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think you can make an .ico file with this? i don't use a Dock but would like to change out my regular Winamp icon.
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:o wow!!!!! definetely one of the best icons i've ever seen, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
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awesome work :D
how did you make it?
with illustrator or photoshop?
are you going to make the icon?
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i love it! doesnt suit my desktop, but worth downloading! have you made an .ico version of this file?
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Why can't i download this? :S
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Would it be possible for me to use this?
Please reply. Thanks.
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just save it and edit it .
i can't get you the original cos i shifted to another country and don't have my PC yet.
umm. .. sorry
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