Are you planning to leave DA because of Eclipse?

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By Neelai
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No I don't think I'll ever delete my profile or leave DA forever...

Of course I'm not as active as before, and many of the people I used to watch don't use Deviantart anymore. But this website has been so helpful and important to me (+ I've met so many great people) that I could never say I 'leave' it. Not going on Deviantart everyday doesn't mean I'm not a member anymore :)

But I can say -at least- that I really dislike Eclipse and that the old version was way more easy to use, I miss it a lot now and I spend so much time to see all the deviations on my watchlist :|

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Honestly, I'm kind of already on my way out. Eclipse was not the determining factor though, it's a multitude of things =(
:bulletblue: Art has been a dwindling source of inspiration for me. I don't enjoy drawing now as much as I did 3+ years ago.
:bulletblue: 10 years and still don't have much of an audience...
:bulletblue: The site appears to be dying in areas and many of the people/groups/features that I liked were most active in the past than in the present day.

I'll still check in from time to time and look at my watcher's content though :thumbsup:

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Yeah it's not easy to get an audience. But it's sad if the site really is dying. Same has happened to other art communities and social media just isn't the same.