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Backgrounds / Landscapes
Price: $50 - $100
Landscape by Neelai #3 - A sky by Neelai The Harbour by Neelai  Returning home by Neelai Another World by Neelai Clouds by Neelai Tunnel by Neelai Sunset by Neelai  #10 - Forest path by Neelai

Characters with simple or no background
Price: $50 - $100

It's NOT a toy! by Neelai Blue bird by Neelai  Exhaling life by Neelai  Something Strange by Neelai  Black Eyed Bear by Neelai  Golden Egg by Neelai  Fowl and feathers by Neelai

Characters with background
Price: $100 - $200

Gatekeeper by Neelai What a view by Neelai  Tiger by Neelai  Chimera by Neelai  Where are you? by Neelai  The Creature by Neelai

Prices vary on a lot of things e.g. image resolution and detail level.
To get a more accurate price, just get in touch and let me know what you want me to draw.
(The examples above are all very detailed. Less details would lower the price).

Q & A

How long does it take?
That depends a lot on your request and how much research I need to do beforehand.

Do you need something from me?
Depending on your request, I will work quicker if I don't have to guess as much what you're looking for. If it's very specific, you can speed up the process by supplying references. It's much easier to get a point across with an image rather than words. I might also ask for a simple stickman sketch from you, if you have a specific angle in mind.

Do I get updates?
Yes, we'll be in touch from start to beginning and I'll update you along the way.

How about payment?
Payment is via paypal.
I need half of the payment before I start drawing and the second half when the drawing is finished.

What happends if I change my mind after you've started drawing?
It's obvious that the more prepared you are from the start the better it is for us both. If however you decide that you don't want the drawing you requested or you want it changed completely, I consider it as a new drawing request. Minor changes are okay. If you're unsure about this just ask me ;-)

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January 16, 2018


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