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Tutorial - color and grayscale version

By Neelai
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A very useful tutorial that explains how you can create another window of your painting that is displayed in grayscale, updating itself as you paint on the color version of the same image! That way you can see how your coloring effects the contrast as you work without having to flip back and forth.
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oh my, It's very helpful! I have to try it :D
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Yes it is :D Thanks for adding it to your collection!
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 Omg that's amazing that it can switch between the 2 like that! I'm absolutely gonna give this a try!
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Yes, it's awesome :D Have fun with it!
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Alas, I no longer have Photoshop.  The older version I had got messed up when I was transferring things to my new computer, and as of late, I haven't been able to afford a membership for it. T.T
This would be really handy if I could pull it off.
I will have to save this for future use.
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That sucks :/ I don't know if other digital painting programs have a similar setting? It's worth looking for I think :)
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I explore the options available in SAI, and sadly did not see anything that would allow me to do this.  I don't know if GIMP can do it or not.
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I don't know either. I've only tried GIMP once and I was totally confused :D 
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Yeah, using GIMP was kind of hard for me after being so used to Photoshop. I should grab it again though now that I'm on a much better computer, and see if that makes it easier to work with.  My old laptop didn't like it very much.
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I'm so used to using shortcuts all the time so I get frustrated when GIMP doesn't respond to them :D And yeah.. well.. as long as I have Photoshop I have no reason for using GIMP. Not that I have anything against it. I think it's great to have a free alternative. But switching from PS to GIMP feels like starting all over :) I hope you find something similar in GIMP. If you do, please share :)
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Well, so far the closest I've come is my Paint Tool SAI program. It's great for a free thing, but it's not nearly as powerful or has as many options as PS and GIMP.
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Not that I'm aware of at least.  The only other program I use all that much for color work is PaintTool SAI.
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Sorry for my caps, I'm just so dang excited xD I'm looking forward to trying this! :D Thank you for the amazing tutorial <3
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I got excited too when I discovered it :D You're welcome.
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Fantastic tip! I will certain insert this into my workflow as value contrast is something on the top of my render list. 
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Ohhh thank you so much I'm sure it's going to be so useful! :happybounce:
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Yes, I can't wait to try it out myself :-D 
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Oh wauw!!! This is so awesome Marlene!! :D :D :D :D
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Yes it is :-D I've needed that trick since forever and just discovered it, so I had to share it with everyone!
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