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Posca drawings

By Neelai
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This week I joined a challenge that involved Posca markers. As a digital artist I had no experience with those, and besides that they were also expensive. But I wanted to participate and bought 3 different colors + a black and a white posca marker.

First challenge was to draw a figure/shape and fill it with patterns. And either stairs or drops. (The fish)
Second challenge was to start with the hair and then draw the face. (The old lady)
Third challenge was to draw three random lines, pick one and draw something from that. I picked all three. (The fox, cow and weird person with holes in the head)
The other two drawings were not for the challenge, but just because I couldn't stop :D

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Hello!! Hope you're doing okay!! :heart:

I hadn't visited Deviantart for a long time and I was very happy to see your traditional drawings!! You're really talented with posca markers (and for digital drawings as well, of course!!) and these drawings are so cute!

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Thank you! I must admit I like Poscas more and more. I like how one color can paint on top of another color without blending them to mud. They're relaxing to work with too :)

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You're welcome!! Ahhh I believe you!! I never had the chance to try them, because as you said they're a bit expensive, but I can say that the result does worth it! :D

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Yes, but for smaller drawings like these they last quite long! The bigger Poscas are very expensive but you don't need them unless you want to paint a big poster or something.

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