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Omigosh omigosh guys! That season finale was epic!!! :D I love Cadance's design! :D Her color scheme is adorable! And I wanted to draw something that would have happened before the finale, so yep :)

Cadance and Shining Armor (c) Hasbro
The stars in the background are from here [link]
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very good but i think u spell cadance with and e like this cadence im not soo sure but most ppl spell it like taht though i spelled it like you till i want on goggle immages :/
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One of my favorite pairings. :heart:
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Hopefully, season three will involve some sort of flashback episode showing how these two got together.
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Five minutes later after saying "YES!!" and kisses him passionates Cadence goes the fillies room, and comes back with glowing green eyes and a Alicorn sized duffle bag with muffled screams coming from inside.
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Great job on this!
And yes, that finale was great! Never expected such a villain to appear!